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  1. transaxleMat

    King shock coil adjuster pinch nut

    Anybody ever have a problem with these? Last trip out my nut skipped all of the threads on the can and essentially unloaded the whole spring. Probably my fault in that the pinch bolt was not tight enough. Anyway, I bought a replacement and when I went to put it on it was not going on very...
  2. transaxleMat

    ideas for removable LIGHT RACK / BAR pictures appreciated

    I am building a light bar for my single seat pre-runner, and am going to put it above the sun visor onto the A pillar. Anybody have picture of your cars to give me some ideas? Thanks
  3. transaxleMat

    Bent Torsion Housing!

    On my Pre-Runner buggy/Tandem Car, the torsion housing is slightly bent. This slight bend is causing approximately 2inches of rear wheel toe out. So I know I have to somehow bend the center of the torsion housing back towards the rear of the car. I am not quite sure how to do this. ANY...
  4. transaxleMat

    Repairing Fire Suits!

    Anyone know where I can get my crow suit sewn up? I called Crow and they don't do it. I call DJ safety and they only do their own suits. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks -Mat
  5. transaxleMat

    Sewing racing suits?

    Just tore up the knees of my crow racing suit last race during a roll over. Can i get this sewn up? or do i have to buy a new suit? Thanks, Mat
  6. transaxleMat

    MINT 400 on TV??

    Was wondering if anyone knows if and when the 2009 MINT 400 is going to be televised? Thanks, Mat
  7. transaxleMat

    Spectating at the MINT400

    I have never been to the MINT race, and was wondering if there are any areas to watch race from that do not require a pit pass? Thanks in advance.. Mat
  8. transaxleMat

    hi my name is Mat

    My name is mat and i love desert racing. my dad used to race back when i was born, but was forced to sell the class 9 in order to raise me. now that i am older, i have my own playcar/prerunner tandem car. It is nothing high dollar, but it gets me out to the desert to play. I am a member of...