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  1. wheeli

    LOORRS Glen helen predictions

    These are usually fun Prolite Creed Morris Cheek There combined age is still younger than me P2 Deagan Carl Woods Woods usually podiums at GH im pulling for him P4 Carl Rob mac Corry Weller Pro buggy????????
  2. wheeli

    UFO sighting at TORC

    Who exactly is in charge of making a call on driving infractions in the TORC series im confused,I just sat and watched the entire season on my pvr and I saw so many cases that should have been reviewed that never were Im thinking all the racers must be steaming mad by now, I know as a fan and...
  3. wheeli

    Has Freestyle Peaked

    So Im watching the Montreal supercross its the 35th annual theres 80k people there, before the mains start they put on a killer freestyle show, I mean killer everyone is back flippin and doin crazy shizit theres bombs goin off but it gets ZERO reaction from the crowd...I mean everybody is just...
  4. wheeli

    2013 short course schedule

    Alright its december already who knows whatwherewhen the LOORRS/TORC sceds will be out,is one series waiting for the other to make a move, Im planing on racing a bit of both and I cant send out sponsor packs till I have some dates,reps to those with info.
  5. wheeli

    Iphones,Nerds & other boring sh!+

    Post all electro/comunication and nerdy type crap here and maybe wtar can try and rebuild its reputation
  6. wheeli

    KOH who's going

    Ive been wanting to go since the begining and never have made it,Its gonna be sick so who in the RDC comunity is going,post up and lets put a party together.
  7. wheeli


    Dirt Promotions,Yokohama Tire,The Supersave Group,Acme fire&saftey,A&B tool rentals,Unitow,Atlas powersweep present the westcoast offroad championships rnd #1 at the beautiful Tradex convention center june 26th located in Abbotsford BC just 10min north of the US border.The 1/2 mile purpose built...
  8. wheeli

    Where's dirty*

    Im so use to Kens coverage of all the local races,ASCC and KOH have come and gone with not a single post or pic for 4 days somebody call 911:(:(
  9. wheeli

    Loorrs tonight

    speed chanel 1am on the west coast from vegas\m/
  10. wheeli

    Merry xmas

    Wishing all my dirty buddies and the RDC comunity the best of the season\m/
  11. wheeli

    Predictions for lorrs surprize

    Heres my 2 cents worth p4 huseman p2 carl pl hart podium for woods both days utv weller
  12. wheeli


    hey guys ive been into the off road thing awhile started racing motocross in 1976 at the age of 12.did that for 5 yr then got into mud drags for a couple years then started racing odessys all over the nw.raced at riverside in 86/87 score off road championships,progressed into a class 10 car did...