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  1. rpm4life

    Massage for LOORS/ FIREBIRD

    New and exciting season at Firebird Raceway.. Thank you to those who came by the RACERS EDGE booth and signed up for Contingency and those who just came by to give support. Young drivers in the Jr Karts, signed up for contingency last December, those kids who won gave the winnings to their...
  2. rpm4life

    Massage for lorrs /firebird az.

    Was a great turn out in Las Vegas..lots of crew members and drivers stopped by to visit the Racers Edge booth, Friday, Saturday and Sunday...lets do this again at Firebird, Az . ! I will be there Thursday to sign up the drivers.. the crew can sign up your driver at, save...
  3. rpm4life

    Massage for LOORS/Vegas

    Massage for LOORRS/Vegas Massage will be available for drivers in the pits now! look for the Racers Edge booth. Drivers sign up for contingency program get free Sports Massage. Spectators welcome too !.\m/
  4. rpm4life

    6045 trophylite

    hello my name is russ meyer "not the film director" now that my bones have healed im going to be racing in trophylite!