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  1. J

    This just arrived !

    Anyone ever us this machine ?
  2. J

    JD2 Model 54

    Anyone Have any experience with this one . Just got it after a long wait .. :D
  3. J

    I just received my new JD2 Model 54 bender

    Anyone have one of these ? How do you like it ? I'm Stoked and can't wait to put it to work .. First thing I'm bending is the front suspension and the cage for my Cummins Model a Truck !
  4. J

    Hello , My name is Joey Adams .

    Whats up RDC , Im Joey and I build Restomods down in Louisiana outside of New Orleans . I attended the I attended the Fabschool back in 06 and have been building badass cars ever since . I am looking into building an early model race truck to compete or just to shock the people around these...