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  1. hendersoned

    Another race, another fire

    On Saturday at the snore/more race at the river we had a truggie flareup at the finish line. looks like a broken dipstick tube Had been spraying oil all over the headers and when they stopped it flashed. we had cold fire extinguishers at the finish line put the fire out in a matter of seconds...
  2. hendersoned

    Looking for two seat chassis

    need two seat class 9, in vegas area or surrounding area
  3. hendersoned

    Multiple winning TT's for sale

    are they being replaced with new "better" trucks or changing to an Eco-tech class??
  4. hendersoned

    Where is Robby Woods going?

    I just read the press release Robby and Lucas Oil are parting ways on happy terms and Robby is got something new coming up. What is it?
  5. hendersoned

    Mopars at the Strip, Las Vegas

    Mopars at the Strip, Las Vegas April 13-15 at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway
  6. hendersoned

    SNORE Ridgecrest

    Yes SNORE can still put on a good event, Ridgecrest was great, perfect weather, 82 and sunny, breeze all afternoon. BLM guys were great, Tech was a breeze, only problem is we could not find the SNORE steekers (lost in the "transition"). Car count was a bit low- around 77. For those who...
  7. hendersoned

    BLM Public comment period for your desert

    The Bureau of Land Management (BLM), California Desert District, announced its intent to prepare an environmental document to analyze a proposed plan amendment and alternatives covering the management of motorized vehicles on public lands in the West Mojave (WEMO) area. A Notice of Intent to...
  8. hendersoned

    Hello I'm Hendersoned

    From Las Vegas, SNORE Volunteer