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    Uni-body and frame mod close up pictures

    Here is the drivers side leaf spring front end rear mount. The mount welded to the outer drivers uni-frame and onto a 1/4 inch angle Iron floor pan support. This also is welded to a outer uni-body angle Iron plate that runns directly under the side panel on the drivers side of the vehicle...
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    1962 Ford M151-LC project

    My wife snapped these pictures of me putting the fron leaf springs and axel under the Mutt. Tommorow when the sun comes up I will post some pictures of the completed instaltion. All my work has paid off and she is going together fast now. We had so much rain here it was impossible to...
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    Ford M151-LC Desert Racer Project pictures

    My wife snapped these pictures of me putting the fron leaf springs and axel under the Mutt. Tommorow when the sun comes up I will post some pictures of the completed instaltion. All my work has paid off and she is going together fast now. We had so much rain here it was impossible to...
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    Respect for small teams!

    That was nice of you to write about the small Race team Mike, we as TEAM G503 are just that...LOL We use my small Army Pension every month to do our mods and buy parts with. We camp out at events as we can't afford motels and pay for fuel, spare parts and food too. We rough it trust...
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    El Paso Texas March 24 ???

    Anyone from here going to the Desert Race track to compete in El Paso Texas on March 24 ??? We have other commitment in New York so we won't be making this event, but was hoping someone here maybe going and will take lot's of pictures of the event. We will be going to the next event in El...
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    I bought another M151 for Nate

    Yes we scoured another M151 and this will be Nate's next project after he completes his M151A2/ M998 Hummutt project. The possibilities are endless not bad for $300.00!
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    M151 to M151-LC The Axels.

    To get the proper performance required to make the 1962 M151-LC a real desert Racer, certain new editions had to be used and modified. Here are the two axles Dana 35 and Dana 30 that will be mounted under the uni-body. Do to the wimpyness of the Dana axels in stock form we will be pulling...
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    Our Desert Racer nearly complete.

    Most rigs that Race do have their engines in the rear as Nate and I well know, but after very careful research on how we were going to build and modify this rig, we decided that where the vehicle is so light to begin with even with the new solid frame that the engine in the front would not pose...
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    Our Desert Racer nearly complete.

    Yesterday Nate and I lowered our non racing engine onto the frame, a Ford 2.9 that will be in the rig when we are not racing. We wanted to keep our Racer Street legal but pushed every inch within those limits...LOL We have the 302 5.0 Mustang engine removed and stored now after mounting it...
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    Our Desert Racer nearly complete.

    These are the latest pictures I had developed, next pictures will show the uni-body mounted on the Bronco II frame and the 5.0 302 Ford Mustang mounted under the hood. Nate and I Wanted to show everyone how nice the body work and paint job came out. We should be done...
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    If Ford Mutt's could Fly!

    Are you nuts...LOL te Military has been doing this with M151's since 1959 and their are still 20,000 of these rigs still in service to this very day, slightly modified and know as M151A2 FAV's.
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    If Ford Mutt's could Fly!

    We'll they can...LOL This is a Ford M151 takeing air and looking very sweet indeed. What do you guys think?
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    1962 Ford M151 Body painting completed pictures

    She is on her Bronco II frame now and is almost ready for trials. I thought everyone would like to see how nice the paint sceme came out. Bleddyn and Nate Cynfyn Team G503 Ford Racing
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    1962 Ford M151 Desert Racer taking shape.

    Here are the newest pictures I got in today of the MUTT from the emblmes to the 1st time the uni-tub and frame were together. Next weeks pictures will show the Uni-tub mounted and the engine ready to be installed. But these are the only ones that came out pretty good as it was getting dark...
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    1986 Bronco II tear down for M151 uni-tub

    The rear wheel well area fits perfect, the front is 8 inches longer but no big deal with this rig as the design base is long front flat fenders so their is nothing to remove or cut. The exstra legnth will give better clearance like a Jeep unlimited vs a regular Wrangler would. Also with...
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    New Carolina Growler uni-body purchase.

    As you all know Nate and I are building a Desert Racer/Rock Crawler from a 1962 Ford M151. We decided we wanted two. So this time we purchased a brand new M151 uni-body to convert. Nice thing is we won't have to strip all the paint or do any magor body welding this time around. No...
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    1986 Bronco II tear down for M151 uni-tub

    Here are the tear down pictures of the 1986 Ford Bronco II. My son Nate and I removed the entire wire harness, then took the body off the frame. The frame was our goal, but the wire harness is like new so we decided to keep and use it and we all know these buggers are not cheap...LOL...
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    OK Trailing/ Over the road tunes whats yours?

    These are both Nate and my favorite songs on the trails and over the road cruising. Nate is into my era music as he grew up listing to it , he HATES RAP...HIP HOP and TECHNO crap...LOL Trailing list 1. ONE OF THESE DAYS...PINK FLOYD 2. INTERSTELLAR OVERDRIVE (1965-1966 version) PINK...
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    Who has used a Rhino Liner type application?

    Even though Nate and I live in Texas where NO ROAD SALT is used when it may snow or get slick, we still know all to well the dangers of RUST on a JEEP from living in New England, up state New York, Alaska and Germany over the years! Where most of our Rigs get a heavy dose of weather exposure...
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    Desert Racer Rock Crawler uni-tub done.

    LOL the axel is not even installed yet...LOL The uni body now converted to a uni-tub is sitting on a trailer still in this picture. Maybe I cropped it to much...LOL The next pictures I must still develop are of the uni-tub mounted on the 1986 Ford Bronco II frame. The engine rebuild...