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  1. fatnbald

    Jerry Valentine and his Amex

    On 6/9 Jerry Valentine of Santa Clarita paid for nearly $10,000 of merchandise with a AMEX bearing his name, furnished a drivers licence depicting his image and corresponding address at Desertworks, a Side by Side shop (golf carts). All items were carried out, loaded into a truck, and off he...
  2. fatnbald

    say a prayer

    I'm sure the information will come in soon and accurately but I just wanted to get the praying folk praying. I was just called with info on a accident in lucern
  3. fatnbald

    living room trophy truck

    few years ago there was a guy building a tt in his living room. what happened to it and does anybody have the pic's that were floating around?
  4. fatnbald

    39 in Project with

    is the a 39 inch project carcass with the Krawler or Brawler tread pattern? if so who has or is running them?
  5. fatnbald

    Before he got the chance!!

    Josiah "J" Olinger was a brother first and an employee second, a avid race fan, blooming fabricator and board member. he is no longer with us in body as a result of a car accident the other night. i remember being 21 and distance i held my parents at and i wanted to make sure his family knew...
  6. fatnbald

    lost wheel/tire

    at the b1.3k a class eight felt it necessary to test the durability of the rear section of our truck. i will report that the tubing we used on this truck does indeed bend and when you slam a six thousand pound vehicle into a four thousand pound vehicle at high speed it does end up costing...
  7. fatnbald

    need an ls6 for primm, help!!!!

    blew up the one in there, need one asap! any help will be greatly appriciated, thanx in advance!! desertworks
  8. fatnbald

    rhino racing?

    i see that there is a rhino racing with trailing arms in place of the o.e. rear control arms. i have been building rhinos for a living for over a year and have conscidered either building one to race for myself or whoring the work out to someone who wants to race theirs. is there a "rule"...
  9. fatnbald


    does anyone have a velocity kit on a 1992-1997 chevy 1500? i have a couple questions with reguard to the steering dumaflange(sp) and it's placement.