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  1. Ryan B

    XO 250 official picture thread

    lets see em!!!!!!!
  2. Ryan B

    last page?

    does everyone have to click a thread, and then go to the last page to view the new subject matter? or just me? How do i get the "last page" link back in the main forum that lists all the threads. is it changeable? i can't find a way to change it.
  3. Ryan B

    spare tire quick release

    does anyone know the company that makes these?
  4. Ryan B

    chart plotter gps

    I did a quick search, and came up empty. I also looked on lowrances website, and they don't have specs on it. So a family member has a globalmap 7500c. He says it's a gps chartplotter. Is that what they all are? Or is a chartplotter strictly a marine application. thanks
  5. Ryan B

    bronco fuel sender

    i finally got a dash, and am getting guages. does anyone know what the ohms are on a factory 33 gal tank. In a 1991 fullsize ford bronco? thanks
  6. Ryan B

    pci race radios

    pci is awesome plain and simple. i accidently ordered 5 intercoms over the weekend. i'm not sure if i'm spelling her name right, but Riannah is are going out of her way to help me out fixing my mistake. thank you so basically order from pci great product. amazing customer support.
  7. Ryan B


    so what was the deal with the yellow bird pinata on the left side of the racecourse????
  8. Ryan B

    shackle pivot bushing

    i have the giant 64 kit on my bronco, and i've blown out the lower bushings in the shackle a couple times in about a year. has anyone had and issues using a delrin bushing instead of a polyurethane bushing on their shackles? like them just being too stiff, and instead of allowing some side...
  9. Ryan B

    toyota 3TC engine

    hi everyone. PLEASE HELP PLEASE HELP PLEASE HELP we run car 1008 in bitd does anyone have any experience with a toyota 3tc engine in a class 10 car, or any offroad vehicle? pro's, and con's or any other relevant info. thanks
  10. Ryan B

    bronco quick release

    hi everyone. A few weeks ago i asked if anyone had put a quick release on their factory bronco steering column, and kept the factory keyed ignition, and turn signals/ hazard lights. I'm sure I'm not the only guy with a bronco or F1 that was wanted to do this. So i figured I'd do a write up...
  11. Ryan B

    ford steering column

    hi everyone, i am in the middle of putting a new steering box into my bronco, and decided i would replace all the steering joints as well. My problem is the upper steering joint closest to the firewall. The factory steering shaft is smooth non-splined, and has some crappy through bolt deal. I...
  12. Ryan B

    anyone have pics of this thing?

    will you post them up please :)
  13. Ryan B

    new class 10 team 2009 bitd

    Hi everyone. My boss just bought a 10 car. previously owned by Dillon motorsports. I'm so excited before this car, a 2 seat 1600 was the fasted vehicle I'd ever rode in so for me at least this new car is way fast. See you guys at the races :)
  14. Ryan B

    brake pressure residual valve

    hi everyone. i have a brake pressure residual valve on my bronco, and I am wondering what will happen if I pull my brake calipers off. i know if you pull off your calipers, and unhook your brake line you can force the piston out of the caliper with air pressure from an air compressor. my...
  15. Ryan B

    audio player question

    my prerunner has had no music in it since i started driving it. i'm getting one of the pci intercom kits, and I would like to know what cd player you guys run, and are there any brands i should stay away from. or if I should just use only an ipod. thanks :)
  16. Ryan B

    offroading is awesome

    came up on these guys today...
  17. Ryan B

    exhaust wrap on exhaust manifolds

    hi everyone. I had my truck idling for like 10 or 15 minutes, and i grabbed my front bypasses, and the exhaust manifolds are really heating them up. I figure i can either make some sort of heat shield, or wrap the stock cast intake manifolds with heat wrap. Does anyone know if the extra...
  18. Ryan B

    drill size

    application dana 44 ttb spindles. new wheel studs 5/8 with a .6850 knurl diameter about how many thousandths under .6850 should i machine the factory wheel stud hole so it presses in properly? thanks :)
  19. Ryan B

    brake line question

    hello everyone! I'm having some slight troubles with getting my brake lines to seal. I'm using all -3 bulkheads to transition from -3 flex line to 3/16 stainless hard line. my question: since I'm not using inverted flare style ends on the hard lines is stainless too hard to get a good...
  20. Ryan B

    brake fittings

    i'm trying to do my brake lines like in the pic. ive been searching for hours trying to put some combination of fitting togeather that will work... i have had no luck. I've been searching for "bulkhead fitting" wrong? thanks for any help