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  1. idealer

    AU.TO "Shorty" VW Bus Build

    We have been building a new search engine for cars. "" and were thinking of a promotional vehicle to promote the brand. So we decided to chop a vw bus to attract attention. Been fun little project thought I'd share...
  2. idealer

    Vehicle Tracking Options

    Since the other thread is closed this thread has been opened to discuss alternative tracking options. I have been doing some hardware research and so far I have found some GSM/Satellite hybrid tracing options that can use GSM when avail and fall back on Satellite when no GSM available. Pure...
  3. idealer

    Thanks Daily Engineering!

    We'll lets just say if you need quality pump have pat hook you up! I bought two inferior pumps that could not hold vacuum. Called pat and in 1 day pat had our pump ready to go even though he quoted Friday. Thanks again
  4. idealer

    Where to buy Weld in Visors

    Looking to add visors to my truck where to but the spring loaded weld in ones? Thanks... Anyone like one version over another...
  5. idealer

    Radiator Repair OC

    I have a pin hole leak in a PWR radiator anywhere in OC recommended for repair? Thanks
  6. idealer

    Rednecks & Raptors!

  7. idealer

    Fire Suppression Nozel Installation

    I have Safecraft 10LB bottle installed in the truck and am in the process of routing the spray nozzles. I was considering spraying down the headers and over the trans, any other suggestions its in a mason truck with the exhaust going down the tunnel along side the trans. We have 2 2.5lb bottles...
  8. idealer

    Ryder watching freestyle mx for first time.

    he cracks me up...
  9. idealer

    2013 ford Raptor

    HID's and Beadlocks.
  10. idealer

    Red Neck Truck Jump That's what happens when you get into the moonshine.
  11. idealer

    Aluminum Odd Fire 4.5L Chevy Build

    Christmas came early for me this year, as I just received all the parts to mock up my 2nd motor. I decided to make this one my primary endurance motor and the other my high output. The only real difference it the other one is 14:1 this one is 11:1. Other than that they are very similar setups...
  12. idealer

    Race Gas in Mission Viejo

    Hey guys I hope you can help I met a guy off RDC that use to sell me left over race gas from baja races. He was in Mission Viejo Area. Anyone by chance know who that was?
  13. idealer

    Chase rack howling

    I just installed a chase rack on my truck I bought it off rdc and it howls like crazy... It was sitting a little high over the cab so I lowered it so it only a couple inches off the roof and now its even worse... It has that like diamond shaped mesh for the floor that I think is causing it. Does...
  14. idealer

    Monster Truck Tug of War
  15. idealer

    Whats a Roll Over Cost?

    So I know this is a loaded question but I was curious if I am pushing my truck to hard and wad it in a roll whats it really gonna cost me? Those of you that have done it what did it set you back?
  16. idealer

    Truck Plows Into Side Of Dirt Ramp

    good times!
  17. idealer

    Cheap Brand New 4.0 V6 out of new mustang

    I saw this ad and thought anyone looking for a 4.0 this looks like a good deal and might even negotiate I have no affiliation with the seller.... NEW 2010 MUSTANG 4.O V6 MOTOR...
  18. idealer

    What Glass if this on this F150?

    Is this raptor panels or someones glass I like it and want to buy if its aftermarket.
  19. idealer

    Valve Job Bowl Cut

    Anyone recommend a shop that can do a valve job that includes a bowl cut to trim the seats to match the bowls? In OC preferred. I have been porting these 18 degree heads and the seat is thicker (.020) than the bowl in a couple spots and want to blend them evenly into the bowls...
  20. idealer

    On Patrol in a 2010 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor

    Most right-minded people agree that the Ford Raptor is a sweet ride. However, as much as I admire Fox Racing suspension components, flared fenders, and massive off-road tires, you've got to admit that the Raptor's talents are on the esoteric side. Off-roading is a pretty niche hobby in the...