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  1. 1450-ranger

    Tape on axles??

    Helps prevent cracks. Torsional stress is highest at the surface.
  2. 1450-ranger

    Inside TT#23 - 2016 Baja 500

    is the camera gimble mounted? great video quality. almost seems fake. thanks for sharing
  3. 1450-ranger

    Has this been done before????

    Thats a packaging nightmare and i would question the reliability due to buckling.
  4. 1450-ranger

    On Topic Surplus Firefighting gear to Mexico ?

    Anaheim FD just donated a bunch of gear, that might be a good start.
  5. 1450-ranger

    interesting business practice at HOWE performance.......

    Take your business elsewhere
  6. 1450-ranger

    Pressurized Fuel rigs? Good idea or disaster waiting to happen?

    A 15 ft tower is creating about 5 PSI at the race car. However, one good thing bout the fuel tower is the pressure is decreasing at a constant rate as the vehicle is fueled (rate varies on fuel tower geometry). The deadman valve should be used to throttle the flow to zero as the fueler pulls...
  7. 1450-ranger

    Kreg Donahoe sentenced 8 Years on child porn charges.

    Per Bureau of Prison's (Fed prisons) site, he's still in custody. Scheduled to be released next month. {tbody} {tr} {td}WILLIAM KREAG DONAHOE{/td} {/tr} {tr} {td}Register Number: 43576-112{/td} {/tr} {tr} {td}Age: {/td} {td}45{/td} {/tr} {tr} {td}Race: {/td}...
  8. 1450-ranger

    Off-Road Knives and Tools - What do you carry?

    A knife, whether fixed blade or an extending folding knife, concealed on someone's person capable of being used a "cutting weapon" is a felony (now a wobbler) in California. If the knife is in a sheath or similar which is not concealed is not a crime. The knife also must be ready to use. So a...
  9. 1450-ranger

    Chevy prerunners

    Thats a really cool pavement truck.
  10. 1450-ranger

    Race car engineer Richie Parker.

    One of the better posts on this site for awhile. Thank you
  11. 1450-ranger

    A night racing question for co-pilots in relation to lights on helmet.

    With this you probably should be able to buckle in 1 handed. Good luck keep up the good work
  12. 1450-ranger

    A night racing question for co-pilots in relation to lights on helmet.

    Another thing to help at night is zip tying each side's shoulder and lap harness together. Makes getting buckled in faster at night for everyone, especially new guys.
  13. 1450-ranger

    Your Dogs

    Great looking dog. Here's my French bulldog at 3 months and a year. 32 lb meatball
  14. 1450-ranger

    Amber Alerts on your smartphone

    Not necessarily. PDs and Feds don't show their hand sort of speak for several reasons. In order to activate an amber alert it takes several levels of approval and must meet certain criteria. If there wasn't such a process, there wouldn't be enough signs. There are other avenues for those...
  15. 1450-ranger

    aussie build

    Looks cool. How much clearance do you have for shocks up front?
  16. 1450-ranger

    who built this?

    I saw it at KOH a few weeks ago. Very cool prerunner. Craftsmenship looked top notch.
  17. 1450-ranger

    ****Pretty Welds....****

    LOL true dat.
  18. 1450-ranger

    Sons Of Anarchy

    i bet something will come out reference the letters mentioned regarding gemma/unser. putting Jax in a tough place, picking between clay, his mom, the club and tara.
  19. 1450-ranger

    Need Some Emergency California Family Law Advice!

    Call the police. The State of California is aggressive towards domestic violence. Even if she (victim) doesnt want to press charges, it doesnt matter. If there is probable cause physical violence has occurred an arrest (should) will be made. "verbal" abuse doesnt constitute an arrest, unless...
  20. 1450-ranger

    Offroad racer and car builder tased by BLM

    probable cause for 'drunk in public' arrests is if the person is unable to care for themselves due to their intoxication level. no field sobriety test is required, only the officer's observations of the person's actions/symptoms.