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  1. 1450-ranger

    Interior Shop Recommendations

    I am looking for interior shop recommendations. Looking for the pillars and headliner wrapped/covered; nothing fancy just simple. Looking for shops with off-road experience and reasonably priced. For this truck: Thanks guys, Jon
  2. 1450-ranger

    Giant Motorsports New Website

    GIANT Motorsports Launches a NEW Website GIANT Motorsports is excited to announce the launch of a new website. Along with this new website comes the release of new products and newly redesigned parts. While your browsing the new website be sure to check out the all new prismatic beam and...
  3. 1450-ranger

    GIANT Motorsports 500 Prerun

    Some photos from the GIANT Motosports Prerun w/ Ray Files. Photos taken by Matt Torian & Mo Thorton From Matt Torian: A group of 8 of us preran the Baja 500 last weekend and had an awesome time in Mexico, here are some pictures of the weekends adventures. We ran from Ensenada to San Felipe...
  4. 1450-ranger

    Interesting Find - 35 Million Dollar Home

    Nick Cage recently sold his home for 35 million... to Jerry Herbst.
  5. 1450-ranger

    Fireproof Sheathing Source

    I am having trouble finding a source for Orange Fireproof Plumming Sheath. Pictured below. Thanks guys, Jon
  6. 1450-ranger

    Cannister Style Filters

    What is everyone using? How much is everyone paying? I know UMP & Howes subsidiary company has a product. Do you think they are worth the $$$?
  7. 1450-ranger

    C4 Help

    I need a tail end housing for the shortened, bolt-on yoke style ends. Broke the case when i spit the driveshaft out the rear end. I cannot find a source for these. Any help guys? What Vehicle/Years did these come on? Thanks! Jon
  8. 1450-ranger

    EFI Fuel Pump

    What EFI pumps are you guys using? I have seen too many problems with EFI Pump reliability. Thanks guys Jon
  9. 1450-ranger

    Team Giant Racing - Dezert TV Segment

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Check out the Team Giant Racing Video Segment on Dezert TV. The video gets personal with the core of the Giant Racing Team. Interviews with Geoff Falzone, Matt Torian, Anderson Brothers Racing, Melissa Thornton...
  10. 1450-ranger

    Lost Fender - MORE ORAF Race

    Posting for a racer on DR. Just hoping that someone found my very large flared fender & will be kind enough to return it. we took it off about mile marker 4 and it was off to the right of the course.-Brandon- (909)702-7462 This truck:
  11. 1450-ranger

    Some Good Off Road Publicity

    Aired this morning on KLTA - 5 LA Click the link, then click on "Gayle Anderson" Jon
  12. 1450-ranger

    JeepSpeed Wheel / Tire Found - MDR 250

    Found JeepSpeed wheel/tire in Barstow. If you think it is yours, contact: Geoff Falzone - Giant Motorsports (714)265-1450
  13. 1450-ranger

    New Prerunner

    Big Thanks to: Giant ATX GoodYeard Wooddruff Offroad Started with the cab / frame, moved it back on the frame 4" to center up the cab. Shortened wheelbase by 4". All wheels are forward on the frame as well. Beginning pictures: Getting closer:
  14. 1450-ranger

    Radiator / Fan for 302

    Looking into getting a nice radiator for our race truck, size just needs to be between frame rails, and under the hood. Also whats the best option for fans. Price is somewhat important, but dgaf. -Mike
  15. 1450-ranger

    Giant Motorsports - Grand Opening BBQ

    GIANT Motorsports invites you to our Grand Opening BBQ Sunday, October 22nd at Noon. Come see our new shop and check out some of the Team GIANT race trucks on display. Bring your daily driver prerunners, race trucks, and projects to display. We have plenty of room on the street for tow...
  16. 1450-ranger

    C4 Plumming

    Will be plumming our new C4 trans. Wondering what AN fittings are the best route? So ignorant in the AN world its not funny. Thanks guys Jon Mc
  17. 1450-ranger

    Engineer Job Opportunity

    S&B Filters, a high performance air filter and air intake kit manafacturer, is looking for an engineer fresh out of school who is talented at Solidworks and 3d modeling, with an emphasis on Solidworks. Must be willing to work hard, no careerexperience necessary. Join a fast growing, driven...
  18. 1450-ranger

    Even More Pics, Giant camp

    Prerun & Tech
  19. 1450-ranger

    Thread/PM viewing problems

    Any thread (or even a PM) that involves 'FlyHinLow' i cannot view. The thread times out and gives me an error message, or doesnt load. This happened after i recieved a PM from him that i am unable to open. Thanks guys - just giving you a heads up
  20. 1450-ranger

    C4 Manual Valve Bodies

    What is the best make of reverse manual valve bodies? Already have the good trans, just in search of a good reverse manual valve bodies. Anyone with experience would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Jon