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  1. zjohnson

    Juanco Contact info/Address/Email

    Been trying to get in contact with Juanco for an adapter plate for a new 7100 truck build. Any one have a phone number or anything better than the website or facebook page?
  2. zjohnson

    Fn Dynamics Chikilines Racing Chassis Build

    In mid 2008 we decided to build a cost effective mini buggy that was a step up from a long travel rhino that was popular at the time. We built 5 vehicles, single and two seat, with motorcycle, VW and ecotec engines. The first vehicle was a motorcycle powered car (R1) and was super fun to drive...
  3. zjohnson

    Chikilines Racing Record Ensenada-San Felipe race report

    It goes back to december last year, a cold rainy day and half the course rained out. Myself and codriver Josh Lanoye were sitting in the car talking before the start, lets miss the puddles and try to stay dry. Needless to say it didn't happen, big muddy mess, car wouldn't run and we were down...
  4. zjohnson

    Congrats Randy Slawson, Bomber Fab and Crew

    Congratulations to the 2013 King of the Hammers and all the crew at Bomber fab for building an awesome car and finally getting the Crown that you guys deserve.
  5. zjohnson

    Radio Noise Problem

    In a rush to get my car done last year I think we short cut to much on the wiring end. Original issue: 1. RPM based noise on the intercom. 2. Horrible whine when talking out thru intercom. What I fixed: 1. Radio and intercom where connected to battery switch. Re-wired directly to...
  6. zjohnson

    Chikilines Racing onboard 2012 Record Ensenada San Felipe 250

    Take a ride with Chikiline Racing Driver Sergio Nunez in chikiline2. Restart of second half at San Matias. Enjoy, more videos to come from the start . . . Replacement String:
  7. zjohnson

    Best 091 shifter?

    Looking for a new shifter for my car. It was a budget build and I am currently running the jamar chrome super shifter. I haven't had any real major issues with it yet, but I do notice a good amount of play with the shift handle while in gear, and every once in a while its a little rough to put...
  8. zjohnson

    SCORE CR 33 - How close did you read it?

    I was looking thru the score rulebook and found something interesting that I was not aware of . . . CR33 Roll Cages (2011 pg 31)- This is the one that states tubing thickness' for weights of vehicles. I was always under the impression that weight was governed by CR 41 WEIGHT. (2011 pg...
  9. zjohnson

    Best Spectator Location for SNORE PC 250

    What are your guys thoughts on the best location to watch this race. Not familar with the area (except for testing next to the highway). Looking for some cool technical or fast rough areas . . . Thanks and good luck to all the racers this weekend.
  10. zjohnson

    New GET Class1 Car headed for Australia

    New class 1 car by GET Performance Fabrication out of Fontana. Hands down the most beautiful racecar built today . . Pictures do it no justice. Design of the vehicle by Fn Dynamics, with the valuable input of Gene from Get. Hopefully be able to post more pictures of the car out in the sun...
  11. zjohnson

    Pit Support Help

    After V-dub's suggestion for V2R on the schedule, I thought we might want a thread to discuss pit support help at upcomming races. If you guys need help, just post up here . . . I would like to help at the races that I can make it to.
  12. zjohnson

    Missed bfg pit meeting

    Anyone in sd area got one I can make copies of? Competent flakes on meeting date. Thought it was today.
  13. zjohnson

    Baja 1000: Desert Endurance on HD Theater at 9pm Just saw this while flipping thru the channels. . .
  14. zjohnson

    More race updates

    Anyone have any news or updates on the race?
  15. zjohnson

    Width of a BFG 35x12.5 on a BTR 15x7 BL

    Anyone have access to one of these that can quickly measure? I am no where near a shop trying to figure something out. (overall width) Thanks
  16. zjohnson

    When racing doesn't matter . . .

    To all my friends and my rdz family, my father suffered a stroke this morning, he is currently in ICU and in bad shape. I know my dad loves me, and that he knows I love him. Reminder to tell the people you love and care about that you do, the words may seem insignificant, but I can't remember...
  17. zjohnson

    Fox internal bypass coilovers

    Anyone have some feedback on these? Are they easy to work with? I am considering running them on a small 3000 car. Thanks
  18. zjohnson

    Glen Helen Baja Cup results

    Anyone have the full list. I know first overall was the CST truck, and I think the MAD single seater scored a second overall. It was hot out there, the trophy lites were fun to watch, I wish they would have put them in with the rest of the racers, would have made for a little more action...
  19. zjohnson

    MAD Racing Newest Thing . . .

    A new project, street legal preunner and chase vehicle. Keeping the suspension as is for now, going to get Twisted Stitch Seats and a small bench in the back for cruising around at races. Future upgrades are going to be a roof rack, light bar, spare tire mounts, fresh air system. Not going...
  20. zjohnson

    Race exhaust for a Honda b18

    Looking for some info on race exhaust for a rear engine 10 car with a b18 honda. Any body know a good source, or local (orange county) header guy to make a competitive header that is tuned for a honda motor? Thanks