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  1. bajatex

    Temporary Closure of Johnson Valley OHV during KOH?

    Just saw this posted on FB. Curious to what the closure map looks like. This could be a train wreck. Maybe it's not a big deal but I have a place out there a couple of miles from the lake bed and it sounds like I might have to worry about being ticketed for driving around in the Can Am...
  2. bajatex

    SCORE Payback?

    How much do you think winning the Baja 1000 pays back with 10 entries in the class? Entry fee was $3715.00 if paid on time and $3915.00 if paid after deadline. Let's assume everyone paid on time so $37,150.00 was collected for the class. In the "old' days it was very clear. Back then, If...
  3. bajatex

    New Mendeola LQ-6 for class 10?

    When I first saw this trans a couple of years ago I though for sure it was going to be the answer for class 10 yet after the initial press release I didn't hear anything. I haven't heard of anyone running them until I saw the feature on the Alimicraft 10 car on the home page. Does anyone have...
  4. bajatex

    Ecotec oil pressure?

    So I have my sender and adapter in one of the 10mm Plug locations at the back of the engine. I am seeing between 60-70 psi while cold and idling. when hot and running hard the pressure is only about 25psi, doesn't seem right. What is everyone else seeing? The engine is from a junk yard, not...
  5. bajatex

    Ecotec throttle Cable connection

    What is everyone doing to hook up a morse cable to a 2.2 manual throttle body? Are you using the plastic stud or is there an aftermarket billet throttle plate? The plastic one makes me nervous.
  6. bajatex

    Registration in Baja?

    Whats the deal with taking a home built pre-runner buggy into Mexico? I have not gone through the registration process yet. Do I need to be concerned?
  7. bajatex

    Remote Pit @RM80

    I will be leaving Thursday morning Crossing @ Tecate with my Dad to head down the LaRumarosa out to RM 80. We will be camping and will be in a White 97' F350 (Baja Designs Logo on the side) with a big white camper on it. All of my buddies backed out from going at the last minute so I am just...
  8. bajatex

    Track width with 3x3's

    I am looking for the wheel mount surface to wheel mount surface measurement when putting 3x3's on a stock torsion housing. I would appreciate any help. Thanks, bajatex
  9. bajatex

    Hello my name is Tex

    Hello to all. My name is Tex Mitchell (bajatex). Been lurking for a while and thought I wouold get involved.