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  1. mexracer10


    A little more than a year ago, a good buddy and me were talking about the pros and cons of prerunners, street legal vs trailer queens, closed cockpit vs open. Being that this would be my buddies first project car. We ended up agreeing on the quintessential Baja machine. I started construction...
  2. mexracer10

    Stoptech brakes

    Anyone have any experience with this brand? They seem to be decent , seen some people run them on 1 cars, but anyone have personally used them. Also anyone now a good place who carries them.
  3. mexracer10

    Ejr Racing

    I have one of the racecos this team EJR began racing from what I gather in 1994, car 114 in the pics from the 1994 Baja 1000. Anyone out there have any more info on the team? Car? In particular looking for exact date the cars were built...
  4. mexracer10

    Group of 4 seaters

    Anyone know who it was in a group of 3, 4 seaters driving north on HW1 from the San Ignacio area on Saturday morning? I got some pretty cool shots of their cars when we passed each other a few times, and would like to send them the pics.
  5. mexracer10

    JD squared bending capacity

    Anyone every bend anything thicker than .120 wall tubing on this bender? I need to bend 1.75 4130 with .188 wall but no not want to damage my bender...I have searched around but everywhere i look it states .120 wall is max capacity.
  6. mexracer10

    Fuel tank, not fuel cell.

    I am currently getting started on my next project which is a 4 seat prerunner, and have been toying around with the idea of building the fuel tank to sit under the driver and passenger seats like most class one cars do now a days. Since the car will not be raced i was thinking of just using 5052...
  7. mexracer10

    Who in the world ????????????

    Been surfing the facebook pages on pics and news of the upcoming race, and came accross this pic and saw the names listed as 72 Robert Acer, Wilmington, Del., Chevy Silverado, 73 James Lin, Wilmington, Del., Chevy Silverado. Any insider info on trucks? At first thought they might be the old...
  8. mexracer10

    Robby Gordon Baja Trophy Truck series?

    There have been lots of rumors and articles floating around from magazines, to facebook and blogs. So whats the deal any insider details? How does Mr. Norman feel about this? Or better yet how does Bob's son feel about this?
  9. mexracer10

    Info on 4 seater with truck body

    This prerunner was at the swapmeet near the vendor entrance, i snapped a few pics of it, but does anyone have any info on it? Looks like it might be a Desert Dynamics frame with a 4 door truck body on it, rear engine.
  10. mexracer10

    Electric class 1?

    Just saw the pics on the RDC expo coverage and i am surprised there was not more hype around the electric class 1 pictured. Who build the car? Hp Tq specs? What kind of batteries? Whats the range? How to recharge?
  11. mexracer10

    Laguna Hansen trip

    Well this weekend for my b-day i decided to get a bunch of friends together and do a ride to Laguna Hansen from Jacume. So we got to tecate Friday night where me and my dad ate tacos and gassed up then made our way to the Jacume ranch where the code race is held, the owner is a good friend of...
  12. mexracer10

    off road jack

    Ok if you have the money you buy an expensive aluminum race jack to mount in the race truck/ prerunner, but if you don't have that kind of money and don't want to buy the cheap harbor freight jack then whats next? I have a prerunner which is heavy, i have a hi-lift for general purpose, but for...
  13. mexracer10

    Curry race shop

    Anyone have contact info for the race shop in Mexicali? Ive been looking all over online, i dont think they are on yelp yet lol.
  14. mexracer10


    Anyone watch this show? Some of these people go way out there it seems they are obsessed about being prepared for???????????? I see it more as a interesting hobby to get into if you have the land and spare time.
  15. mexracer10

    Code Pics

    Here are a few shots i got from the race, not much too busy helping 3 race teams out. By the way the Herrera truck that crashed on the first heat completely killed the competition the second heat, probably lead by 15 minutes.
  16. mexracer10

    Best Dakar coverage

    I stumbled across this show from last year from Spain and has the best insiders look of a Dakar rally i have ever seen. Its all in Spanish but i am sure you can follow along. Shows truly the difficulties of finishing this race and how utterly beaten into submission this race can leave some of...
  17. mexracer10

    Modern attempt at old set up

    I have been toying around with the idea of building a mid engine prerunn buggy, with v6 with the th400 and cut down irs 9 inch housing. Now i know this has been tried before with varying degrees of success. Now my questions is how would this set up work with the tail housing removed from the...
  18. mexracer10

    mystery can?

    Any of you tt gurus whats this little can sitting right above the trans on passenger side for? seems to be inline with the cooling lines going to the radiators? just a manifold to attach other lines to the cooling? Or maybe to catch air bubbles...
  19. mexracer10

    replacement wheel half

    i had herd that you can buy the wheel half for this type of wheel. I think its a saco wheel? Anyone have any info.
  20. mexracer10

    the secrets are out!!

    Amazing to see this insider stuff come to light, i am sure the truck if full of very innovative designs and trick parts. re-post sorry