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  1. nharvey

    Rear Radiator Plumbing with hose instead or hard pipe

    Hey guys I have a 95 yota with a Lexus V8 in it having some cooling issues because i am getting no where near enough air flow through the radiator. So i am moving it to the back, making it bigger and installing a lincoln mark VIII fan which i have heard blows alot of air. Dont have room up...
  2. nharvey

    95 Toyota Cage

    So i have the cab gutted about to start bending tube for the first time, then started reading a little more into tube sizing for score, mdr etc. soo looks like 4k lbs and over needs 2" so i have three stick of 1 3/4 cromo i was planning on starting with and got a good deal on. How reasonable is...
  3. nharvey

    Reading Mill Certs

    I just got these MILL CERTS from tubular steel I want to make sure that this is the correct 4130 cromoly tube that everyone uses in building score legal roll cages. I was originally getting different tube from them, than i guess the truck from st louis left early and the original tube didnt...
  4. nharvey

    Amount of Tube for a Toyota cage

    About to build a interior cab cage and engine cage for 94 yota extra cab. can anybody give me a rough estimate on the length of tube they used. don't want to buy to much or too little. I don't have solid works to design it so doing it old fashion.
  5. nharvey

    V8 Swap for Toyota Pickup

    I am weighing the options on motor swaps for 95 toyota pickup 4x with a 3.slow v6. I currently have gen 2 caddy and deavers with bypasses in the rear and am trying now to increase the power plant. Has anyone ever dropped the 4.2 liter tundra or equivalent 3UZFE into this truck running long...
  6. nharvey

    Brake Line Fabrication T100 Rear Diff

    Doing deavers on rear of 95 pickup. decided to mount shocks outside frame rails and use a T100 rear diff. I now have the suspension set up and am on to the problem of brakes. The solid brake line that came with the T100 Diff doesnt match up to the contour of new suspensin set up do to relocation...
  7. nharvey

    Plate Sizing for Shock Mounts

    I am building a bed cage on my 94 yota running F62 deavers with Total Chaos Shackles and such. Picking up 16" triple bypasses from king this week. I am running the shocks outside the frame rail mounting to a T100 rear dif. Using 1 3/4 .120 dom tubing for cage. Just trying to figure out the...
  8. nharvey

    toyota pickup t100 rear susp?

    I am collecting parts and designing the rear of my 95 extra cab 4x4 toyota pickup. I just came upon some 62' deavers with TC shackles, u-bolt plates, and spring hangers. my plan is to mount 2.5"x16' tripple bypasses outside the frame rails and down to the axle. i am wondering if anyone has...
  9. nharvey

    Hello, My name is Nick Harvey

    I have been reading the forum and classifieds for a few years now but i am going to be building my 95 toyota pickup this summer and have some questions for people. Dont remember how i got into desert racing just always liked speed and dirt. I worked at Penhall Fabrication this last summer great...