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  1. BajaTriumph

    News 2021 Ram 1500 TRX, the Raptor Killer?

    The spy shot has the coil spring covered up, the shock is forward, by the new trailing arms and a beefy pan hard rod. Gone are the leaf springs.
  2. BajaTriumph

    Paper or Foam Filters

    In heavy Baja silt, I have always run an K&N oiled filter, with a lightly oiled UNI foam hand-made to wrap K&N, then with a fine element dry PreFilter sock pulled over. Rarely has the K&N gotten dirty. Just swap PreFilter, if UNI foam dirty, swap that. Never had to remove K&N in a pit stop. I...
  3. BajaTriumph

    Happy 5/1600 Day!

    DirtCheapRacing 5/1600 1987 ADRA Sandy Beach Rocky Point Sonora MX
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    Post your favorite photo from Baja!

    NORRA 1000 2018
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    This thread is getting very crappy. As a limited, small team with 6-10 crew each year, we have comp’d many ways to participate in the best event in Baja. We are friends of Mike, Eliseo, Pepe & Casey, also JC as well. We are not a Cam, Morton, McM or Diablo super group! Without NORRA, we have no...
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    'Fastest Woman On Four Wheels' Jessi Combs Killed In Jet-Car Crash

    Other LSR cars have carbon drivers pods, full chromoly cages and seats like modern IMSA/NASCAR that hold head/helmet in pocket. NHRA has similar protection and they crash hard on asphalt, against concrete walls at 300mph with fair results. Just ask Mr. Breedlove about 300/500/700mph safety...
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    2019 NORRA Mex 500.....YES!

    Agree on the old human part of the equation as being more critical than of the vintage cars! All my cars are built with 75% or more of 50+ year old original parts, but my body has had decades of constant abuse, where as my cars have sat resting for decades. I feel Norra is finding a great way to...
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    2019 NORRA Mex 500.....YES!

    Yes Sir! It will work out great!!
  9. BajaTriumph

    2019 NORRA Mex 500.....YES!

    As a long time Baja bike racer, now Vintage car participant in Norra. Let’s see how Mike’s formula works. 500 miles straight in the old cars maybe a bit much, 250 miles a day is OK and the split bike/car routes eases up the worried mixing of the two. Being in one base camp/hotel is much simpler...
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    Elisio Having attended and participated in many event/races, your M1K is by far the most Fun! Each year is better and because you openly listen and desire feed-back only makes your efforts successful. I founded and directed the largest (10k+) motorcycle event in Mexico, the Rocky Point Rally...
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    NORRA QUESTIONS ? Feel Free to Ask Here !!

    Believe this is the secure area in Cabo that JC Pacheco reserves for Baja Voyager customers
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    PCI Radios 50th SNORE 250 Feb 15-16

    P Thanks for reply. So Class 2 is Nostalgia group. Race numbers 200-299? We would like 286, as Tow’d was #86. Rooms booked, entry ASAP.
  13. BajaTriumph

    PCI Radios 50th SNORE 250 Feb 15-16

    Snoreracer. Is our 1970 Manx Baja Tow’d legal for vintage? Factory Manx, with Cl10 type full roll cage, fuel cell, +3 link-pin, +3 IRS, type1 1835 DP, single Weber, type 1 IRS transaxle, 4 coil-over Fox’s w/ reservoirs. What race numbers for this class? Thanks
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    What's your race car's name???

    The Baja Triumph earned the name ‘ ElMarrito’ the little hammer, as it pounded many miles up and down Baja since 1967 Mexican 1000.
  15. BajaTriumph

    Inch pincher baja off road historical info...

    We are building a tribute Empi/Revell Bug for Sal Fish’s 50th Ann. of his first race, the Norra Mexican 1000 in 1970. Details are few, Sal or Marty Fiolka are the best source, we all need send our prayers for Marty to pull through, with a full recovery ASAP!!!!
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    First time Baja Racer help

    LeadNav and RaceTrax were valuable in Chase Trucks to know where racecar is. Had Sat phones also, make sure Chase crew turns them ON! Also test/preprogrammed to quickly call out from racecar. We needed our Pesos to buy Fuel on course one night from unscheduled Mag7 remote pit.
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    First time Baja Racer help

    Our team has ID pouches under our racesuits that have Passport, DL, Med. cards, contact info card, few $100 in Pesos. Credit card if desired. Amazon has lots of types of Travel Pouches, Bagsl
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    NORRA Mexican 1000

    It is always good to get some positive dialog going on this issue of lodging for the trek down Baja and back. NORRA will hopefully continue to increase entries and with that comes even more limited options. We have been trying to down-size our Team needs, but to not push the crew members limits...
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    NORRA Mexican 1000

    JC, Baja Voyager has assisted our small Team at 3 races and other occasions in Baja. We have extremely limited time, resources, crew and funds, JC has been a valuable asset getting us across the finishline all 3 times!!! We do not have the time and experience as the RDC Baja experts and JC has...
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    San Felipe Desert Mayhem 150 race Jan 21st 2017

    The Baja Triumph had a great first run back in Baja after its 50 years hiatus, we ran a modified course as exibition only. After pre-running Thursday, it ran the weekend with no issues, only fueling up and never opened the toolbox. We skipped the west whoops, short south arroyo and MX track...