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    Fox 2.0 revalves?

    Anyone know where I can send my Fox Shocks 2.0 in for a revalve? I need them to be 40/90 and they are at 50/70
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    Chenowth MiniMag

    I remember these cars back in 91/92, they were awesome. Its what really peaked my interest in offroading. Not too sure of how many were made, how many are still around, or whatever happened to the ones that broke down in the Baja, but i think that with todays snowmobile engines, the newer...
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    Hi my name is Anthony Maldonado, been a long time lurker on the site and others, but decided to join for a couple of reasons. Main one is that im looking for a new toy, mainly the Chenowth MiniMag. I know there was 30 or more at a Baja in 91 or 92, so im hoping someone out there has a lead to...