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  1. outlaws4x4

    Lowrance GPS -Guide

    Hi can anyone point me in the direction for a guide on how to use the lowance gps for offroad racing applications. Iv just purchased a HDS-7" Carbon as the rules here in Australia have just changed to allow us to use gps to navigate during a race and i am looking to find some info on the best...
  2. outlaws4x4

    Steel it or powder coating

    Right guys n girls Steel it's been around long enough now to get a good comparison so I would like an un biased results please. What is better and why, steel it or powder coating? Which holds up better for longer?
  3. outlaws4x4

    3.75" coil spring OD

    Hi I am trying to find out what the Outside diameter of a 3.75" coil spring is. can anyone help by measuring one of there's?
  4. outlaws4x4

    HELP!!!! FOX 4.0 & 4.4 Byapass CAD files

    Hi guys iv have looked high and low and i cant find a cad file for a FOX 4.0 and 4.4 Bypass shocks. i don't have access to any either otherwise i would just draw them up. i am currently finishing off the design for my new trophy truck and i need the dimensions for correct fitment in the new...
  5. outlaws4x4

    Reverse intake manifold on LS

    Hi i am looking to run a reverse intake manifold on my ls2 what problems should i expect? what is the solution to the valley plate and oil pressure sender? thanks Ash
  6. outlaws4x4

    Team Outlaws4x4 - Australian 4wd Trophy Truck - Aussi Class 8

    Hi this is my Aussi class 8 race truck. Its a 4wd Ford Raptor running a Twin Traction Beam Front end. Its got 19" of travel in the front and 28" of travel in the rear. I have only done 2 races in it and im still fine tuning it. It took me 4 years to build myself. you can follow me and the team...
  7. outlaws4x4

    Pirtek Three Springs -Live from Western Australia From 8pm pacific time

    The Last round of the Western Australian Offroad racing series is on today. For the first time they will be broadcasting a LIVE STREAM of some of that action. The Pirtek Three Springs 330 is a 330km race or about 205 miles. It is held in the small township of Three Springs which is about 350km...
  8. outlaws4x4

    Custom length Dana50 ttb axles

    Hi i need to get some custom length dan50 ttb axles made. Can anyone help me on where or who might be able to do this??? If no one makes custom length dana50 axles has anyone fitted dana60 axles into a dana50ttb before? and what is required to make it fit. Thanks Ash
  9. outlaws4x4

    TTB coil over spring rates.

    Hey guys, was hoping you could help me out with my spring rate calculations. My 3 year build is finnaly at the end and one of the last things to do is order the coils. So heres what i have. Its pretty heavy total weight with fuel,driver and Navi is 5300lbs. 16x2.5" coil overs on all 4...
  10. outlaws4x4

    best palce to get floater axels

    Hi iv just had a custom ford 9" housing made with dana 60 outers. I am running 35 spline dana 60 drive slugs and a 35 spline 9" spool. i am pretty sure the spline angle is the same for both. Can anyone confirm this for me and recomend a place to have my axels made. they are quiet long 41.375"...
  11. outlaws4x4

    Help with ball joints on a IFS Dana50

    Hi i am hoping somone can help me out with some information on the ball joints on a Dana50 IFS. I brought the housing as is and have had to rebuild almost all of it. I dont know what year or series truck it is off exactly. i think it is off a F250-F350 year 1980-1992 like i said im not...
  12. outlaws4x4

    TT Lower trailing arm bushes

    Hi i am making a set of arms for my truck and was wondering what people are using for the chassis end of the trailing arm. Heim, mono ball joint, rubber bush? I was going to use a self lubricating solid bush but i think it will casue binding and stress at the chassis when the axel trys to...
  13. outlaws4x4

    How to messure custom length TTB axels

    Hi whats the best way to messure up for new custom axels for my TTB dana 50?
  14. outlaws4x4

    Help setting up full droop and Bump on 4x4 TTB truck

    Hey Guys i am building a 4x4 ttb truck to race here in Australia. Its a little differnt to how you ususaly set up the front ends on you normal TTB trucks. I am at a stage where i am trying to work out what is a good Maximum Bump as far as the caster is concerend. I have currently have it set to...
  15. outlaws4x4

    difference between fox3"bypass short course and normal shock?

    Hi, i am currently building a 4wd class 8 truck here in Western Australia and i need to buy a set of 4 tube 3.0" bypass for the front. Now our racing over here is not like your desert racing, it is more like rough gravel and sand tracks with some to few woops and the occasional jump. What is the...
  16. outlaws4x4

    what sway bar do you run and where did you get it?

    Im building a 4x4 class 8 here in Australia and i am in need of some help as far as sway bars go. Now from what i have seen just about all race trucks run a torsion bar sway bar setup. Where do poeple get these from? I know people like Camburg sell them but i am not looking to spend 2000$ on a...
  17. outlaws4x4

    Th400 transmission cooler pump?

    Hi, do you need to run a oil pump external of the th400 if your running transmission coolers? or do you just pipe straight out of the transmission into the coolers and back to the transmission?? Thanks and excuss my ignorance.
  18. outlaws4x4

    ttb 4x4 axles

    Hi, i am currently building a 4x4 Twin traction beam race truck. I have extended my beams approx 4" I would like to know what people do about there axles? Can you buy custom length axles or do you just cut and sleave the old axles? Also how many trucks actualy race with 4wd engaged while...
  19. outlaws4x4

    long travel TTB Camber setup at full bump?

    Hi i am trying to set up my TTB front end on my race truck i am building and i would like to know what people think is an acceptable degree in camber at full bump? Thanks Also what about full droop??? cheers again
  20. outlaws4x4

    Ride height of big travel trucks

    I am wondering what most of you with the big suspension travel trucks run as ur ride height? I am currently trying to build a Class 8 truck and i have 25" of travel in the rear. Im trying to work out what ratio of up travel to down travel is needed and at what point do you say the ride height...