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  1. BuffaloBanger

    Ecotec question for class 10

    Need to replace our Ecotec. Looking at junk yard motors and not sure if I care about the difference between LEA, LAF, LE9? All I know is that I have a 2.4l direct inject ecotec, and I want the same. Hoping somebody can help educate my ignorance!
  2. BuffaloBanger

    Class 10 clutch question

    I'm about to replace the clutch in my class 10. Running a DI Ecotec w/ Mendy 2D. The clutch that came in the car is a stage 3, 6-puck, single disc. Curious to hear what other people are running. Should I stick to the single disc? Move to a dual disc?
  3. BuffaloBanger

    SADR - Cholla 250

    We signed up for the Cholla 250 as our first race in our (new to us) class 10 car. Looking for some advice on getting to Puerto Penasco. I'm pretty familiar with Baja, but this will be our first time to the Sonora area. We're coming from San Diego and picking up one guy on our way who's flying...