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  1. prerun15

    Cad model of Foddrill spindle

    This may be a long shot but does any have a Foddrill King Kong Spindle modeled for a cad program that I can use for a project????
  2. prerun15

    LS1 upgrades

    I need to rebuild my stock corvette LS1 5.7L so I was thinking about upgrading my cam and possibly heads for some extra horse power. Not looking at doing anything crazy, just looking for the best bang for my buck. What do you recommend? I currently have a MEFI 4 computer on it but was thinking...
  3. prerun15

    Why wont my car crank over?

    So I've had this issue for a while now but it has gotten much worse the last two trips. Here is the situation: When I go to start my car when its cold, the engine will turn over once, then struggle for the second turn and then it will crank just fine after the second turn over. After...
  4. prerun15

    LS1 Idle Issues

    I have a stock 5.7 LS1 with Mefi 4 computer. Car starts and idles fine until there is a large draw on the alternator, then the engine will shut off unless rev'd up. Any ideas? Thanks for the help.
  5. prerun15

    Shock Valving Help!

    Hey guys, so I have a 5 seat desert dynamics 1 5/8 frame. C/o & bypass on all corners with 35's. I am having problems tuning the front of the car. It's harsh on washboard, smooth over jumps, a bit rough over a set of medium whoops, & bottoms out on sharp edges and small ruts. The rear seems to...
  6. prerun15

    f250 shock valving

    I have a 2005 f250 with a 6" lift (single shock per side) and was thinking about putting on a set of 2.0 fox shocks (small shaft) with reservoir on the front of the truck to get a better ride. I was just wondering if anyone new what kind of valving is recommended for this application. Any help...
  7. prerun15

    Gutted out alternator for bap?

    I remember the controversy from last years BAP in the 1600 class with the gutted out alternators. What was the final ruling on that for this year? Is it legal or no? Thanks.
  8. prerun15

    vw fuel issues

    Ive had this car for a couple years now and have never had an issue with fuel until last weekend. The car will start up and idle no problem but when I start to drive and get on the gas it bogs out and starves for fuel and will die, then I have to wait for fuel to pump into the carb and it will...
  9. prerun15

    spark plug gap?

    I have a type one 1915 engine and just bought new plugs. just wondering if I need to gap them and if so to what size? thanks.
  10. prerun15

    Data Logger Help

    I am working on my senior project at SDSU and I'm trying to make a configuration of accelerometers and position sensors for my car. I want to be able to make a test run come back to the pits and bring up the data from them on my computer but I'm having trouble finding a data recorder. Ive seen...
  11. prerun15

    class 5 rear suspesnion too stiff

    I recently upgraded the rear suspension on my old school class 5 to coilovers. I bought these new shocks off a guy who said they came off the front of a toyota truck. So I put the shocks on the car and I liked the ride height so I stayed with the coils which have a 12" 600lb under a 350lb 10"...
  12. prerun15

    quick disconnect for light bar

    What is the best way to build a quick connect/disconnect for your light bar? Any pics? . Anypics of a light rack on a 5-1600 or class 5? THANKS.
  13. prerun15

    what kind of spindles are these?

    Anyone know what kind of spindles these are? I need to figure this out so I can get some spares before they break. THanks
  14. prerun15

    lowrance gps files to garmim gps?

    Is there anyway to take these usr. files and put them onto a garmin nuvi 205 gps? I found a website that converts the files to a garmin and then I put them on an SD card but it doesnt work when I put it into the GPS. Has anyone else done this? Thanks.
  15. prerun15


    Who has engineering degrees here on RDC? When I read through the posts in the shop section it seems like we have a bunch of engineers here. If you do have an engineering degree then I was just wondering where you went to school and where you work now. I am a senior at SDSU studying mechanical...
  16. prerun15

    Meyle 930 CV ?

    Anyone know if these cvs are any good? How do they compare to the empi or loebro types? Thanks.
  17. prerun15

    Seat reupholstered?

    I have a suspension seat that is all chewed up. the cover and some of the foam is torn up. anyone know how much is costs to get the seat redone? should i just buy a new one? i believe it is a beard.
  18. prerun15

    how tight should threw rods be?

    I have an old class five car with coilovers up front and was wondering how tight the threw rods should be. some people have told me to keep it loose enought so i can still turn it with my bare hands and others have told me to tighten real snug. what do you think from your past experience? i...
  19. prerun15


    hi my name is kc. i grew up going to the desert and my dad used to race in class 11 and then 9. he quit when i was about 5 years old because it got to expensive. when i was 16 i got my first buggy so i could learn everything i could about volkswagens. last april i purchased an old school class 5...