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    How much tube?

    I am wanting to put a cage in my trail truck this winter and wondering how much tube that I will need to get. The truck is a older blazer that I am puting a truck cab on. I would like to do a 6 point with shock hopes ft and rear. Nothing to fancy just want to keep my ***** safe.
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    Coilover shock for a helper shock?

    I have a 72 blazer that has to much weight on the ft end for my lift springs to handel. Between the bumper and all the other items that I drag along on the trails. I was looking at getting some FOA coilover shocks for the ft end with some lighter springs to help things out. Has anyone ever done...
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    Tuff Truck Racing August 12, 2007 Oshkosh, WI

    Anyone intersted in it and have a car or truck that you want to beat on, come and race with us at the Winnabgo Co. fair Oshkosh, WI click here for the flyer.
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    What size fuel cell?

    I am wondering what size fuel cell I should get to put in a short corse truck
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    How much tube to order?

    Looking for a est. on how much I should order to do a full size Blazer from end to end, the hole works.
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    What headders do you run?

    What headders does every one run, brand and style (eg. fender, crossover ect). Will be going in to a chev truck with a small block. Also who has some decent deals?
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    Frame plate for a 78 Ford

    My buddys 78 Ford the frame is cracking around the stering box, I am looking for a reinforcing plate that is used to fix this. I know they make them for Chevys but not sure for the fords. Looking for some good ideas
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    Anyone ever ran Schoenfeld Headers

    I am wondering if anyone has ever used these, seam to be a decent price any opinion on them.
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    What is the latest on wsorr

    I have not heard to much about wsorr. So what is the latest?
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    Camping in Crandon

    I am going to be camping for the first time in Crandon next weekend and I am wondering what to expect. I have been to a few races there but never stayed much later then the last race. Also what is the shower house like. BTW I am going to bring my party shoes with :D
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    Rebulding Rancho lighting rods need some tech help

    I am going to start to to rebuld my first set of shocks, picked up new shafts and seals (big thanks to Jim Conner Racing getting me the parts I needed ) my first ?? is how much oil do I need for each one. I am 100% newbe on this but I am a fast learner, looking for a crash corse on what to do...
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    What wheel base for short tracks

    I want to build a truck for short tracks like at Crandon, it will be be a 2wd. I am looking to do eather a 108" or a 128" wheel base. What do you think and a reason why.
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    What is the best way to attatch steel body skins?

    I am just wondering how you attatch your skins? hood, fenders, roof, doors ect. Pics are even better if you have any. Todd
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    Are Lighting Rods any good

    I have a local guy selling a set of Lighting Rods shocks Tripple w/res 16" Are these any good I have never heard of these? He swaped these out in favor of a set of coil overs so there is nothing wrong with them as far as I know. These are going to be my 1st set of shocks for a truck...
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    What is a good way to get sponsors ???

    Ok I am trying to get some sponsors to help support my truck, so far I have talked to a few places and got nothing. I am wondering what everyone does here? One place was wondering if I had a flyer, has anyone done anything like this and if so what do you all do with it.
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    Can I still get parts for Kuster resevoir shocks

    I am looking at a set of 16" Kuster shocks, 2 are bypass, all are 3 way adjustable, seams to ba a good deal to me and also a bunch of other parts will come with these for my truck. Here is the ??? I have, can I still get seals, valves and whatever else I may damage during its use or will they...
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    85 2wd Sub help with ft susp

    I am trying to get some more traval out of the ft susp of my 85 Burb that is 2wd. The for my class rules say that must must use parts from a Chev, I cannot lengthen the arms, can move 1" from oem location, but can mod or use after market spindles I would prefer not to do this thoe. Also 12"...
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    Need help bulding a cage for my Burb

    First I was wondering if any one has pics of a good setup for a 85 Suburban. Also got a good idea on how much tube I need to order and of what. My fab skills are good but the prob that I have is I need to be pointed in the right direction. Anything would be great Todd
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    Hay all, new to this so be easy on me

    Just started getting into this, the past three years I have done tuff truck events, now I have decided to step it up a notch after going to Crandon,WI watched the races there and got hooked on the spot :D I have decided to start by running a Crandon sanctioned Classix class to get my feet wet. I...