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    Reno course terrain info????

    Wondering what the terrain is like out there. Talking to one of the HDRA officials I believe his words were `we are literally moving mountains` Does this lead to razor sharp shattered rock? Does this lead to buried boulders that will get churned up? Any info would be greatly...
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    Painted Helmets........

    So with all the money people spend on painting their helmets, wouldn't it be cheaper to have a vynil wrap put on it........ I'm havin 2 done right now for under $25 - it is a bro deal, but would still be cheaper than paint
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    PCI in Orange County???????

    Rumor Mill has it that PCI may be opening/operating a location in the ORANGE County area........ Does anybody know anything about this rumor........
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    Rooms for B @ P ???????

    If anybody has a room for the Battle at Primm email me @ or call the shop @ 714-535-5116. Thanks
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    Head restraint systems

    I've read alot about a few of system out now and definately agree that it is time for me to get one. My question is about the Hutchens device, I see everyone wearing the D-cell and others with the Hans but haven't heard much about the Hutchens. I pucker at the thought of spending $450 on a few...
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    Hard mounting a mag mount

    I have a mag mount on my truck and it works great, just not nice to my paint. I want to hard mount it to my rack and think it may be possible. I took it apart and it all un-bolts from the magnet with 2 nuts. Rumor has it that the magnet makes a ground, the antenna has a rubber between the...
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    Dodge 5.9 sputtering and knocking

    My old man and I have matching trucks that are driven totally different yet his has all the problems. I have close to 200,000 HARD miles and he has less than 90k and now he has major problems. I know this truck has always had a bad valve but considering it gets driven about 50 miles a week...
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    SPEED Channel is Great

    So I was searchin through the directory on the old boob tube today looking for Swamp Buggy Racing (I don't care who you are those things there are cool) and came across some of the most red neck s**t I done ever seen. Of course all of this brought to you courtesy of the fine people at Lucas...
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    GPS File Translating

    So apparently I'm a little slow......... I have a magellan GPS that I really like (and too cheap to buy another when this one works just fine). All files posted by most race promoters are posted in .USR files. I need files to be in the form of .LOC or .GPX, I have always received help in...
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    4wd indicator won't turn off

    I was out at the MORE ORAF 400 this weekend out in Lucerne and ran the hell out of my 99 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4 this weekend and now the 4wd indicator on my dash won't turn off. I used my truck all weekend to play and do recoveries, the whole time leaving it in 4wd. When I left to get on the hwy...
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    ACME World Alliance can't pay their debts???

    At the MORE ORAF 400 this weekend FAIR had awesome pits set up at 4 locations along the course and did we ever need them, all our pits were very busy all night. I was at our main pit and was approached by a guy wearing a shiny new "ACME WORLD ALLIANCE" shirt inquiring about us welding his shock...
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    Deadline for FAIR Support at San Felipe

    Tonight will be a very important meeting for those wishing to race with FAIR at the San Felipe 250. You must attend or have a representative present at tonights meeting to race with FAIR. Location: Scoreboard Sports Grill 3220 West Temple Avenue, Pomona, CA 91768 All members past and...
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    FAIR Supporting San Felipe 250

    FAIR is looking to support the San Felipe 250 this year with 3 pits. In typical FAIR fashion we will be requiring that each team supported attends the FAIR meeting prior to the race and supply a minimum of 2 pit personel to remain at their designated until that pit is closed. FAIR Meetings...
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    hello my name is squirly

    i chase and race so cal with mdr, more, snore and i'm a fair member. no time to chat now, gotta follow the 1000