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  1. sjb7272

    Firebird Raceway in Phoenix closing?????

    Not really taking land away but, alot of offroad racing happens there Owner: Firebird International Raceway to close Posted: Jan 02, 2013 5:19 PM MST Updated: Jan 02, 2013 5:24 PM MST By Phil Benson -...
  2. sjb7272

    Snowflake a thing of the past

    Don't know if this has been posted yet but Whiplash has lost the best race they had going.
  3. sjb7272

    Riding in Arizona (Helmet Cam)

    Here is a little video of us riding, on the far west outskirts of Phoenix. Not much places to ride around here unless you load up and drive somewhere. The video is not much but I'm still learning how to make the videos when Im done. I would like to start racing if I can get my money in order...
  4. sjb7272

    5 yr old son helmet cam

    Here is a video of my 5 yr old son on his 2006 KFX 50 quad, he has been riding since 3 years old. He wants to jump so we built him a little dirt jump and it didnt work out so well as you will see at about 3:10 or so. I think he has the fundamentals of riding just not so sure of the jumping yet...
  5. sjb7272

    Parker Video

    Here is a little video of footage I shot with a cheap camera, ENJOY
  6. sjb7272

    Taking more land in AZ

    Heres whats going on in Arizona, taking more land away.
  7. sjb7272

    Handheld race radio

    I was looking about getting the Icom F11 handheld radio, I mostly attend BITD and Whiplash here in AZ. When we go to Parker we sit out on RM 67.5, I was wondering if this would reach the main pits from that far away, last year we had a couple cars go over and it knocked their attenna off and we...
  8. sjb7272

    Hey my name is Josh B.

    I have always been a big fan of desert racing, couple of friends are into it and I got into it, no racing yet though, just try to keep up on my 06 KX 250 dirt bike and ride and have fun.