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    Dodge Truck Shocks??

    Contact T-Rex and speak to Kent, they have a full kit using our King 2.5in. shocks. We have worked with them to produce an ideal valving for it to put most prerunners to shame, all with only a pure bolt on shock kit.
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    Toyota V6 to Turbo 400

    They will make anything work with a VW box nothing else. I tried them already, thanks though.
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    Toyota V6 to Turbo 400

    The motor will be the TRD NASCAR Goody's Dash motor, it's bored out to a little over 4 litres I believe and produces a little over 300 HP. I want a Turbo 400 because I know I should never be able to break it with a V6 and I can get a good deal on one.
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    Toyota V6 to Turbo 400

    I was wondering if anyone knows of a place that can make a Turbo 400 mate to a 3.4 litre Toyota V6, I've tried advanced adapters and they told me I'm on my own. Just wanted to see if anyone knows of anyone that makes adapters.
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    Rod Millen

    Toyota decided they had nothing else to prove after winning Pikes Peak like 7 times consecutively just like they did for Off Road racing with Ivan and winning like 10 of the Baja 500's they had nothing else to prove. They have decided to pull all their efforts together for their Formula 1...
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    Toyota glass

    Last one
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    Toyota glass

    Oh gotta show off the HID's
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    Toyota glass

    And also
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    Toyota glass

    Hey, that's all my old stuff. Here are some new ones.
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    Fabtech/Dirt pilot 7 unlimited truck

    Didn't think you'd take that comment personally. But hey, I heard from someone that you did the spindles on Jim Wimmers 7S Tacoma. If you did, I'd like to find out if you can make a duplicate set, and how much. Mike
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    Fabtech/Dirt pilot 7 unlimited truck

    Hey Kreg, didn't Turner get beat by the Old "Lil Mac" as well at a BITD race? The one S&S is running? Doesn't that truck have leaf springs versus 4 link for Turner? Hmmm....... Mike
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    The biggest difference you'll see is between reservoir out the bottom or out the top. Reservoir out the bottom you basically eliminate cavitation. With reservoir out the top you have a chance of cavittation. That's the biggest difference. Mike
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    New Trophy Trucks

    From what I hear the Toyota TT just cost too much to prep. I heard that this is the reason why they dwindled down to 2 races a year. I have heard that it is sitting at Joe's garage now. I've also heard that Toyota does want to build a more conventional TT with a more conventional solid axle rear...
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    7S motors

    How about this. The SCCA and speedvision championships add weight to the the winner of each race. Everytime a car wins they add 25 to 30 pounds. They keep adding on weight until that car stops winning. Can we apply this to 7S? That way no matter what a team does to get an advantage they can be...
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    Anyone going to Ocotillo?

    I'm gonna be out there with a couple of other tacoma's Mike
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    Hey how much are willing to pay for some. I want to get rid of my SAW's. They're 2.5's with dual rate hardware. No coils. 12in. stroke. Been on truck for 2 years. I want to get Kings because I have King bypasses for the rear. Mike
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    radiator for toyota

    No you don't have a cooler plumbed into the radiator if you have a 5 speed. Griffen makes a very nice aluminum radiator. Get a universal and make up a trick mount for it. Mike
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    front glass for tacoma

    Talk to Hanneman's in Azusa, CA. I don't know the # off hand. A year ago he told me he would have one for the Taco's in a few months so he should have them by now. BTW it costs quite a bit for that front end. I think last he told me retail was gonna be around a grand without the lights. Might...
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    Toyota Tacoma lift for around $2000 installed?

    But you do get what you pay for. Why would the Herbst's go and spend 3 times the money for a Mike Smith shock if you can get a SAW to do what you need it to do. You get what you pay for. To me a 2.5 shock is much better than a 2.0 because I fade the 2.5 SAW's I have right now. Imagine If I went...
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    Sway Away Big Bore shocks?

    Just like Jack mentioned, you're gonna need to go talk to deaver about that. But put it this way. When I was down at the 500 2 years ago, we were heading over to tech our truck. So, the race truck went with the driver and co driver, and everybody decided to pile into my truck. I had atleast 8...