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  1. cmursick

    The wild hair

    just wanted to thank bolles for his help on using his chase crews and pit support we had a blast eventhough we timed out for the last lap and not realy sure how we didnt blow the motor as under powered and crappy it ran and thanks two my co drivers and all the help from friends i feel the new...
  2. cmursick

    white shadow not racing the 500 mile in lucerne

    well as some already know the white shadow got torn down and sold shortly after i had a wild hair so will be teating this week end in the new car "aka" wild hair just wanted to say thanks to frank for coming out and helping me go through the shocks and my co driver erick for his help and mostly...
  3. cmursick

    racing products

    well the new website is up and almost running should have all our product lines available to view and purchase by middle of next week, such items will be cnc side covers, mid mounts, shifters, throtthle cable guides and much more. also will have F.T.D PRODUCTS for all the racers on two wheels ...
  4. cmursick

    The white shadow

    Well we finished another one so i am stoked....the car was way under powered the wash killed us. no problems for seven and a half laps till the front shocks beat through the beam and yes i ended up on the lid even though i couldnt stick the landing it only went over once this race well had lots...
  5. cmursick

    the white shadow finished its first race

    well it was harsh first lap first my belts came undun than had to stop to that resolved and good till the vizor on my helmet broke and my eyes were full of mud then while running down dave #911 i rolled... got it up and goingin then not being able to see to great i taco,d doth front rims by...
  6. cmursick


    Eight sticks of 120 wall dom tubing = $ 320.00 sweeping the floor of other shops for parts = $ 0.00 hook up on shocks from scottys misfits = $ awesome money my shop made while building my car = $ 0.00 total cost for building my car = $ 3,800 passing francis in the trophy nine = $ priceless
  7. cmursick

    the white shadow

    well started to assemble the motor yesterday and the body panels this weekend hope to be testing xmas weekend. again thank you for every ones help mohr performance for my parts and scottys auto repair and all my friends and family for there support
  8. cmursick

    The white shadow

    just wanted to say thanks to frank and rob of scottys automotive for my shock set up and dave and eric of dc trailer repair for helping me make my wazoo gussets and morre performance for the hook up on my motor parts
  9. cmursick

    hello my name is chris

    just joining the forum to talk and discuss anything that has to do with class 9 i am currently building my own single seater