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  1. fftront

    DA//TV new episode

    Hey everyone, we have a new DA-TV episode ready and rockin on the website, check it out right here and see what you think, what are your thoughts, what could be better, what was good, what was bad?? things like that.....remember we were unable to get any action shots unfortunatly but we got...
  2. fftront

    power steering fluid

    i recently put a long travel kit on my 2000 ranger and i have noticed that my power steering is really loud and is leaking now. i heard this is normal. what do u guys think? opinions? optional parts?
  3. fftront

    ford 3.0 v6

    i wanna work with this motor. what options are available for it???
  4. fftront

    ride hieght

    ok so i took my arms off of my 2000 ranger to fix a couple of things and now i have a even bigger problem. my ride hieght changed drasticilly when i bolted everything back together. i dont know if it was because my coil finally settled but before on my threaded body it was barely an inch from...
  5. fftront

    alignment issue

    i recently built my 98 ranger front end and my alignment is buggin me. does anyone know of any places here in orange county that will do vehicles with wider wheelbases?
  6. fftront

    whats up fellas

    My name is Keith, and i am from Orange County. im currently building up my 2000 ranger. anyone have any questions, i am pretty knowledgeable!