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    really stuck bolt!!!

    I have been trying for the past two hours to get this bolt out. Other side came out no problem. It's the lower mounting bolt on the drivers side saw coilover on my tundra. I was hitting it from the back on the nut and it didn't move at all, so eventually I ground off the head so I could really...
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    free motorcycle

    I've got a 1978 honda cb125. I'm moving and I don't really have anywhere to keep it at the new place. Last time I started it it ran fine (september). I've got the title although it hasn't been registered since 95. If anyone wants to come pick it up it's theirs. (I'm in santa barbara) It...
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    video camara

    I know this was covered in another thread a while back but I couldn't find it by searching. If you were going to spend a $1000 on a video camara tomorrow what would it be. I'd use it out in the desert and propably snowboarding and I want to be able to edit stuff on my PC. Jason
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    golf cart

    Some of you guys may have seen this at Kartek 400. My friend steve built it, it has a 900 cc engine. Just wanted to know what people thought. His first idea was to make a lifted golf cart. Jason
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    new truck

    This summer I will be purchasing a brand new truck of the lot. It will be 4x4 and fullsize. Don't due much towing and it's going to stay stock the first couple years, but who knows after that. I already have my opions on what I should get but I just wanted to hear some of yours. Thanks Jason
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    metal suplpy in SB area

    Anyone know of a descent metal supply place in santa barbara area? Ventura is not to far out of the way. Jason
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    leaf spring question

    I have an 84 4x4 toyota and I need to get new leaf springs. (The front ones are shaped like W's and the rear droops to the point it's about 1.5 inches from the bump stop.) I would love to head on down to deaver and get 4 new springs but unfortunately I'm just a po college kid. I figure my two...
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    spare tire carrier

    Anyone have a design for a spear tire carrier? (In back on a truck with no bed.) Jason
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    rear setup

    I have a 84 4x4 toyota and I'm thinking of getting nationals or Deaver springs for the rear. How do I set it up right? Jason