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    How much tube?

    Keep a eye on the club web site for dates Classes are decided on wheel base, there is also 2wd and studded clases
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    How much tube?

    Not to much into ice fishing, I find it kind of borring to stare down a hole wating for a fish to come by. My 4x4 club does put on a few ice races each year that I some times join in :cool: Last year I raced my crew cab 2wd dully :eek:
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    How much tube?

    Have not gotten that far yet, getting stuff together for a winter project. Winter is my slow time at work. Need to have something to keep me out of trouble.
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    How much tube?

    I would have never thought of the tape idea :cool:
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    How much tube?

    I am wanting to put a cage in my trail truck this winter and wondering how much tube that I will need to get. The truck is a older blazer that I am puting a truck cab on. I would like to do a 6 point with shock hopes ft and rear. Nothing to fancy just want to keep my ***** safe.
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    cheaper shocks?

    So anything new or any up dates on the shocks
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    Coilover shock for a helper shock?

    I have a 72 blazer that has to much weight on the ft end for my lift springs to handel. Between the bumper and all the other items that I drag along on the trails. I was looking at getting some FOA coilover shocks for the ft end with some lighter springs to help things out. Has anyone ever done...
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    What to look sfor in a mig welder?

    I agree 100% I started with a 120v what a waste of cash, spend a bit more now or spend it later.
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    who's coming to crandon?

    Yep I am going to be there watch the races :D :D :D :D :D
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    Tuff Truck Racing August 12, 2007 Oshkosh, WI

    I do agree, there was some talk about changing the rules a bit to require a 5pt and a bar of some sort. glamisrnr you could run coil overs but you would still need the stock springs, run a 4-link in the rear with coil overs but leave the main leaf in there to locate the axal. We do require a...
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    Tuff Truck Racing August 12, 2007 Oshkosh, WI

    Brian is doing fine returned a few hours later to pick up his truck, they took some x-rays and everthing looked good just going to be a bit sore. BTW I was racing in the red/orange Chevy truck that broke both upper ball joints on the same jump. I will try to get a few pics posted up in the...
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    Tuff Truck Racing August 12, 2007 Oshkosh, WI

    I wish I could tell you of some more events like this, having a truck that is used for one event a year sucks:( There use to be a tone of them but not any more, not sure Y that is.
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    Tuff Truck Racing August 12, 2007 Oshkosh, WI

    Anyone intersted in it and have a car or truck that you want to beat on, come and race with us at the Winnabgo Co. fair Oshkosh, WI click here for the flyer.
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    Drain Plugs in SBC Block

    Eather side:D
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    Transmission Ballistic Blankets

    I have seen a clutch explode on a Jeep at a mud drags once on a stock motor. When it let loose it went threw the floor then the dash, pices then flew 20-30 feet in the air. The only one that was injured was some dumb ***** that tryed to pick up the pices right away and burned his hand.
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    Drain Plugs in SBC Block

    The bottom center hole in a sbc is in the water jacket. I would try to take a screw driver stick it in the hole allot of times it gets full of rust and other gunk to prevent water from draining.
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    Crandon Results Thread

    pro 2 finish was kick *** :D Now that is what you call racing. Trophy Karts were very intersting to check out.
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    351w stalls on take off

    I would also dubble check the fuel pump to make sure it is keeping up, also check the float to make sure the fuel level is high enough.