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    Class 12 /1100/ SCORE Lites ONLY Thread

    class 12-B anyone?????????????????????????????? totally kidding......................... We run a Jimenez Racing Engines low compression and absolutely love it. Class 12 is and always should be VW air-cooled, leave it alone. back to lurking for me.
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    Class 12 /1100/ SCORE Lites ONLY Thread

    1266 is planning on being there. . . . . . That is if things dont change anywhere between here and japan . . . . . . . . .
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    MDR update

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    Class 12 /1100/ SCORE Lites ONLY Thread

    closely comparable to the plenum motors........ as the builders build more and the recipe gets perfected I think the HP numbers will be right on just with power in different places. forgive frosty as he is now an expert with a professionally built motor
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    Class 12 /1100/ SCORE Lites ONLY Thread

    You're kind of a dick now dude............................. Carnage is NEVER good!
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    Class 12 /1100/ SCORE Lites ONLY Thread

    Just got the email in from Japan, 1266 will not be in attendance. Guess Ill be joining brady on the sidelines. Really sucks after all the prep and last minute emergency overhaul performed on our bullet by George and the great people at Jimenez Racing Engines. See y`all at the next one
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    Class 12 /1100/ SCORE Lites ONLY Thread

    55 gallon barrel. Factory sealed..........
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    Class 12 /1100/ SCORE Lites ONLY Thread

    I have a fresh barrel of Sunoco supreme 112 that I ordered before changing to low compression option. If anybody wants it I'll let it go for $450. I'll even deliver to the B@P. sqrly1776 @ gmail . com 1266 not 1272.........................
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    The Future of FAIR

    Good seeing old and new faces!!! Some of us had more fun than others, better get there early next meeting as it will likely be standing room only
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    CV grease revisited

    This is not a cv grease. TRUST ME!!!!!!! Thousands of dollars in cv`s later this fact was confirmed by the great people at lucas oil. I use the lucas green grease with a little red in it for low horsepower cars. V8 stuff you cant beat the bellray with swepco. To be continued..................
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    Reno course terrain info????

    Wondering what the terrain is like out there. Talking to one of the HDRA officials I believe his words were `we are literally moving mountains` Does this lead to razor sharp shattered rock? Does this lead to buried boulders that will get churned up? Any info would be greatly...
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    Le Mans start at SNORE race?

    I think its a bad azz idea...................... i was bringing my 11 car as a pre-runner and post-runner for our old heap class 12, but now i might have to race it just to be part of the circus............................ and i'd be happy to swing a rubber chicken over my head while doing so.
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    Dyke Jump HDRA RAS

    Must have been the up and down skiing motion of the illusive middle seater.
  14. S LIVE Coverage Of The Baja 500!

    anybody have any info on a possible bottle neck or incident at mm330ish? cars there are showing funny roaming patterns. possible just random gps readings not exact spot, but it's been a while now.
  15. S LIVE Coverage Of The Baja 500!

    30+ min down at pit, wondering why
  16. S LIVE Coverage Of The Baja 500!

    anybody have info from BFG pit 2 approx mm202. looking for info on 1604 mckenzie / jimenez
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    more race 9/11

    What a piece of work................. How'd I get drug into this?
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    The MORE Royal Purple/ORAF 500. May 21-23, 2010

    I agree with Tom that your info is inquisitively correct, however; I too was out there this weekend testing our car. More so than the green I was amazed with the yellow, white, pink, purple and orange flowers in the areas further south of the allowed courses. Party Manana Kevin?????
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    Official BAP Photo Thread

    Re: BAP Photos by Photo Ahead Any pics of 1266 or 166 Thanx
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    race radio won't power up

    Talk To Hollywood at the Solder Joint in Orange, he'll fix anything