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    News GMC Hummer EV Unveiling October 20th

    Can we talk about the Crab logo and how silly it is??
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    Feature Vehicle The Rising Class 5 Champion

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    Baja 500 - 97 teams entered

    I guess we will see!
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    Baja 500 - 97 teams entered

    New update Baja 500, a total of 97 teams appear in the records, this was announced by Score International. 13 motorcycles/quad and 84 cars are those that are already ready to win the 486.81 miles, September 22 San Felipe. SCORE TROPHY TRUCK (16) 1 Andy McMillin 7 Bryce Menzies 10 Alan Ampudia...
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    News Sara Price: a Journey from Two Wheels to Four Wheels

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    Herbie. 68 Jeep Cammando.

    An incredible Jeep with and Incredible story. Here is a link to the article I wrote about the Holy Toledo Jeep Commando on Race Dezert.
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    Feature Vehicle Holy Toledo Jeep Commando

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    Class 11 showdown at 2021 KOH

    Exactly how this will go down. Can't wait.
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    Class 11 showdown at 2021 KOH

    I am sure most of you already know but I did a quick write about what we know so far about 11 Cars racing KOH. Rumors of trophy truck teams building 11 cars..... Herbst, Mason, Geiser, and Cops...
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    Feature Vehicle The Gold Stretched Jeep TJ

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