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  1. Hesco

    Limited Buggy name change?

    How about Speed Buggy and Super Speed Buggy... JUST KIDDING!! Actually, I'm not a fan of anything "buggy" and Pro Buggy Unlimited is misleading too, as they are limited. How about Open Wheel, and Open Wheel Modified... Or Pro Single and Pro Single Modified... Yeah... IDK...
  2. Hesco

    Esslinger Pro Lite motors?

    I have a near complete, 8 year old, brand new esslinger engine sitting in my shop that has never been fired up. can supply pictures, will sell super deal! Also have complete Taylor 9" rear end will part with too!
  3. Hesco

    World Championships at Crandon

    I believe that Bradley did infact set the ProBuggy record as well. He was way faster than anyone. I enjoyed meeting him and talking to him before the race on Sunday. He did a great job of driving, schooling us and racing clean. I think I held him off for almost a half a lap before he drove...
  4. Hesco

    Crandon ProBuggy JR Wheeler Crash

    Can anyone tell me how I fix this so the video shows up instead of the link? Thanks
  5. Hesco

    "The Power of Speed" Crandon World Championship 2013 VIDEO

    What a SUPERB video. Great shots, great editing, great audio. I especially like the shot of the ProBuggy hole shotting everyone... :)
  6. Hesco

    Crandon ProBuggy JR Wheeler Crash

    This was shot from the back of Scott Schwalbe's car. You can tell how slick the track was on the start - at the end of the video, Scott's car kisses the outer wall just from sliding out...
  7. Hesco

    World Championships at Crandon

    What's up with you and black and pink?
  8. Hesco

    World Championships at Crandon

    jajaja... at least the humor is back on this board...
  9. Hesco


    Of course people will do the comparisons, but this Forum is "short course racing". You would think that if there were any where that everyone would be supportive of seeing short course racing expanded to new venues and put in front of people, it would be right here. Are we so big that we need to...
  10. Hesco

    Prolite beadlocks.

    I got it... And that was funny.
  11. Hesco

    LOORRS - Bench Racing - Info - Media

    Very nice job on the video!
  12. Hesco

    Panels with screen...

    Thanks that's what I was looking for!
  13. Hesco

    Panels with screen...

    Ok... I guess it was a dumb question.
  14. Hesco

    Panels with screen...

    I am getting ready to install a radiator in my car for the first time, and I'm interested in fabricating some aluminum panels with screen to protect the radiator. I'm looking for advice on screen type and size and best attachment methods to aluminum panels... If anyone has picture and advice...
  15. Hesco

    LOORRS - Bench Racing - Info - Media

  16. Hesco

    Torc Primm in March limited buggy.

    The designation by the sanctioning body...
  17. Hesco

    Wheeeeewww!! Thats A Relief...

    ^^ hahah probably not legal in 47 of the lower 48....
  18. Hesco

    2013 TORC Schedule released

    Loop-d-loop with over-under-over jump....
  19. Hesco

    2013 rumors - TORC and LOORRS

    I'm guessing Tony Stewart has got to climb in something at some point... Eldora...