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  1. Hesco

    Crandon ProBuggy JR Wheeler Crash

    This was shot from the back of Scott Schwalbe's car. You can tell how slick the track was on the start - at the end of the video, Scott's car kisses the outer wall just from sliding out...
  2. Hesco

    Panels with screen...

    I am getting ready to install a radiator in my car for the first time, and I'm interested in fabricating some aluminum panels with screen to protect the radiator. I'm looking for advice on screen type and size and best attachment methods to aluminum panels... If anyone has picture and advice...
  3. Hesco

    Seats -suspension or not?

    Ever since I saw the first stock car seat installed in a truck, I have been wondering how anyone could ride in one. I understand how well they fit and how securely they hold you in place, but I have not understood how anyone could bear the compressive forces that a suspension seat eliminates. I...
  4. Hesco

    Whatever it takes to race

    Charlotte, Saturday night race... Broken intake with no spare or time to fix... Ratchet strap around the carb to the engine cage... 16 laps and a 4th place finish... jajaja... I still can't believe it held together the whole race;)
  5. Hesco

    Happy Thankgiving to ALL!

    Just wishing a Happy Thanksgiving to all! Race hard, race clean, be fast and hoping you can race often! Off-Road Rules! The Hester Family
  6. Hesco

    Michael Hester

    Hello all! I have been an avid follower of off road racing since 1979. I have a small shop in Orlando Florida where I have produced many an off-road car working weekends and evenings - as I have a full time day job that pays the bills. I still have a Super Buggy that I would love to race, but...