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    Expired Passport for Baja 500

    So i noticed that my passport expired in November. I am trying to figure out if there are any fines or anything if I go into Mexico and then try to get out with this expired passport. I have my social security card, birth certificate and CA drivers license. Anyone have any experience coming...
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    Top Gear Idea

    I've been catching up on Top Gear with my netflix lately and was wondering how he would do driving a Trophy Truck? He would probably crap himself, but it would make for some entertaining television. Has this already been done and I just need to find it, or am i on to something? If I am, i...
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    Salvage Title Question

    Let me start by telling you I hit a parked car doing about 15-20 mph in my Ford F-150. It was a minor fender bender that happened to hit my airbag sensors and blast them both off. So I got the insurance guy telling me that my car is a total loss. If you were to look at or drive my truck you...
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    Hello my name is Captain Ron

    I just signed up because I really enjoy desert racing. I am not a racer, but that doesn't mean that I wouldn't like to own a race buggy or truck at some point in my life. I enjoy reading all the postes from racers. Talk to you soon in the forums. Captain Ron Whistler