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  1. MRusich

    PCI Race Radios 300 - Sept. 12 - Lucerne Valley, CA

    Our team had a great race! Thanks to Cody and all of the volunteers that allow us to have a place to race, especially with this years predicament. We thought this was a super fun course that had a lot of really fast sections and some technical rocky sections that was really hard on tires! The...
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    9/12/20 - Weddle Industries Five and Dime Shootout (Class 10 and Class 5U Big Purse Race)

    Both ES Motorsports 10 cars are getting prepped! Testing this weekend
  3. MRusich

    KC HiLites Midnight Special

    The 2 ES MOTORSPORTS Class 10 cars will be there!!
  4. MRusich

    Let’s talk Silver State 300

    I race Class 10 and first time racing SS300. Are you willing to share your notes!?
  5. MRusich

    Class 10 only

    ES MOTORSPORTS makes a chromoly 4130 scissor jack that we have on our 10 car. Super light weight and durable and uses the impact so it’s quick and effortless. You can buy them at KARTEK.
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    Why aren't there more mid-engine buggies/open-wheel cars?

    We built a new Class 10 Mid Engine car with ES MOTORSPORTS after having one of their rear engine chassis previously. IMO, I really like how it handles better in the tight twisty roads and the car rotates on a dime, no need to use the turning brake! The mid engine car handles the rough better...
  8. MRusich

    Best class 10 car make??

    Its kinda hard to compare the our old and new car because they are pretty much 2 different cars in terms of parts, but they do have their similarities and differences. Our old car was a rear engine and the new one is a mid engine with more wheel travel in the rear and different pivot points...
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    Best class 10 car make??

    2850lbs Race Ready
  10. MRusich

    Best class 10 car make??

    ES Motorsports builds an awesome 10 car. We are on our 2nd car from them and have no complaints! Eric is super easy to work with and stands behind his cars.
  11. MRusich

    Class 10 Q mini jacks

    Eric at ES Motorsports built us a chromoly scissor jack for our new 10 car. It works awesome, light weight and easy to mount!!! I think he still he has some in stock!
  12. MRusich

    If you had a week in baja....

    Keep us updated. We would love to tag along in our pre-runners if so! Sent from my iPhone using race-deZert
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    Parker 425 @@ PHOTOS @@

    Any of 1045? Thanks. Sent from my iPhone using race-deZert