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    Las Vegas Race Teams?

    Headed out to Las Vegas for vacation and wanted to know if any race teams do tours of their shop? Would love to tour a shop while out there! Thanks,
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    Anyone here going to the loorrs race in vegas?

    Hello: Wanted to see if someone would be willing to pick up some T-Shirts for me from some drivers? I will cover the cost of the shirts and the shipping if anyone is willing to take the time to pick them up. Seems like none of the drivers have a site they sell them on you have to pick them up at...
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    My first loorrs race in vegas

    Going to try to make my fist trip out to see a LOORRS race at Vegas! Can you guys give me any suggestions where to stay, what to see what not to see. Do any of the Casinos cater to the off road fans? Thanks for the help guys! :cool:
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    Hello to all!

    I have been reading this Forum for some time but just never got around to posting. I live in Central Illinois so needless to say there is not a lot of off road racing here. I follow Traxxas TORC and now the new SST series. Hope to join in on some of the Short Course topics in the future.\m/