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    Laughlin Desert Challange 2020---Road Crossing Videos

    By any chance do any of you photo guys have video or pictures of 4733 flying the crossing. I know we launched it on day 2 but have no proof. Thanks in advance

    Mint 400 race vehicle Parking

    This will be my first time racing the Mint 400 and I'm curious how everyone handles parking their race trailers and vehicles. I'm a small time low budget racer and don't have a nice enclosed trailer and want to worry as little as possible about someone ripping me off. Do any of the hotels...

    Corbeau Baja XP or PRP Comp seat

    Ok, I know all of you all full of it...opinions that is. Which of the two seats do you like/Dislike and why??? I have narrowed my choice down to one or the other. I'm running a limited class and only get 12" of travel so seat choice is critical to keep my fat ass from getting any shorter! Thank...

    Laughlin 2007???

    Any news on the score Laughlin Race for 2007? Is it going to happen or is it gone forever??

    Laughlin get together

    Any Ideas on where the party will be this year. I think the Choo-Choo bar at the Ramada is out due to the over abundance of testosterone, youth and booze last year resulting in a hockey match, I mean fights! The saloon at the top hill near Harrahs is good, also the bar on the second floor of...

    What Happend to the Herbst's

    Anyone know what happened to the Herbst teams? I never saw the truggy or the Trophy truck come by the spectator area along the highway on Sunday. I did see what looked like their team chopper land at the high school right after the start. I hope no one was hurt.

    Laughlin: Who's Going? Wheres the Party?

    I will be their Thursday around noon until Sunday. I'm Ready to have some fun! What about the rest of you? Klaus I owe you a beer, Where and When? Later!

    Spare room for the 1000

    Anyone have an extra room booked for the 1000? I can't find a room in ensenada for Wensday the 17th. If you have one for the 17th, send me an email at Thanks...

    Leaf Hangers

    Anyone got some good pictures of front leaf spring hangers for the rear end of a 87 toyota pick up. We ripped the front leaf hanger at the barstow race and want to fabricate some stronger ones. We have an idea of how we want to make the new ones and mount them but thought I would ask the...

    1397 chase crew

    I just wanted to pass along a very sincere Thank You to the 1397 chase crew that helped my partner and co-driver Saturday at the MORE Balls out 250. They broke a throttle cable and you guys came out of nowhere and helped them get back on track. I hope you come by our pit and look us up the...

    Mickey Thompson Tires

    To Tom Moxley from Mickey Thompson Tires. Thanks for your support at the last MORE race on Saturday. It was great to see you at the finish line greating the finishers. You don't see many sponser's waiting at the finish line. The tire's worked flawlessly, the traction and forward bite were...

    Go-Desert web site

    Hey Does anyone know what happened to SNORE'S Go-desert web site. Next to this one, they were one of the best.


    O.K. I want everyone’s opinion/advise: For a course like Barstow should I run a mud terrain tire like M/T's Baja Claw or BFG's mud tire or an all terrain type tread like the M/T baja belted HP or BFG All terrain. I'm running 33X12.50-15 tires and happy with the size. Their on a 7's Toyota with...

    Robby Gordon

    Anyone got any pic's of Robby Gordons new Truck at the 1000? Have'nt seen any posted.

    Shock mounting to lower arm

    O.K. you experts. I need your opinions. We are racing a 1987 7s Toyota 4x4 with ifs. Our shock mounting is old school (triple 2" shocks with hoops) and we would like to update to a single 2 1/2" or 3" bypass. Now here lies the problem. The only way I see us being able to mount a single shock and...