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    Vintage 70's Desert Racing Home Movies

    Lots of various races, Mexico and US. Famous race cars!
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    Roll Cage Inspection

    Planning to race M.O.R.E. and was told that cage basically has to be built to SCORE Spec. Question; is it better to have the cage inspected before the vehicle is fully assembled. The truck is in rolling chassis state. Should we have SCORE inspect the cage or M.O.R.E., not quite sure what...
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    Where would I obtain a rule book for M.O.R.E., they don't seem to be interested in answering email requests. I specifically need info on; Cage design and specs. Class list/restictions. Thanks for any help. Rich
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    Exhibition Class

    What's this??
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    Powder Coating in Corona.

    Can anyone recommend a place in or very close to Corona. I live in Corona and always try to support local businesses. Just have some small stuff that needs a finish. Thanks
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    New Deavers on the SuperDuty

    Thanks Deaver, those are good guys. Too much air in the SuperDuty has taken it's toll on the stock leafs Picked these up yesterday!
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    Jack Stands

    I am looking for a set of these or similar. I found these online, but ship from back east$$$ and take a week to get here. Where can I find something similar around here??? I need for full-size truck, frame height-24". I live in Corona.
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    Class 7 - 7SX

    Can someone please explain the difference of these two classes without too much detail?? Thanks in advance.
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    500 Course Download to 540c

    I cannot remember how to remove and add course files to my 540c?? Any help..
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    Deaver Spring Install

    I am going to purchase a set of Deaver springs front and rear for my 99 Superduty. Should I have Deaver do the installation? What about ORW in Temecula, anyone have their vehicle worked on by either of these?
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    Random Baja 1,000 Photos

    We had a great time! Viva Baja Viva Score Viva Tacos Del Rey Viva Paris (not France)!
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    SNORE photos

    Were there any photographers at the race or did The BLM ban picture taking in the desert. Let's see some pics.
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    Baja 500 race morning pics

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    Border crossing for 500

    Haven't been down since last years 500. Do they now require passport for return to U.S.A. at the border or is D.L. still adequate? Thanks in advance..
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    Bahia Hotel for 500

    Anyone here stay at the Bahia before? It was the only place I could get rooms for the 500. I seem to recall that in the 70's this was the place. We'll be close to the Start/Finish anyway, as the rumor is that they are both on Costera this year? Just lucky to get rooms this late I guess...
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    Hello my name is Rich

    I Have been looking at this site for a while and really enjoy the info given (most). My Dad raced D-37 and SCORE in the late 70's early 80's. Just getting back into the scene because I missed it so much. I do a lot of spectating at various races, was at the Mint and will be at the Baja 500...