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    2015 Africa ECO Race

    Was checking out the website for this years race: See there is a USA entry, #232 in a diesel Toyota. Can't seem to find any info on these guys. Anybody know their story? Also, check out the pictures across the home page, pretty cool looking A-arm Baja. Good luck to...
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    2013 Africa ECO Race

    Just thought I'd share this: Most of the site is in French. But some cool pictures. Especially of the classic class. Looks like JL Schlesser is leading. Why doesn't this race have the same following? Is it the fact that the factories and big sponsors are with the ASO...
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    Live feed

    Just a heads up that the races are being shown live right now. Currently Single buggy race is showing. Click on TORC Click on Pit Pass
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    Andy McMillin in NSSN

    National Speed Sport News is the largest weekly published newspaper for motorsports. NSSN covers just about every form of motorsports in North America, from the local bullrings to NASCAR, plus international series like the Formula series, LeMans type and WRC. Each week there is a column...
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    New old member

    Hey Guys, this is Tim Lindsay. Some of you guys may know me as MDR571. Since I have sold my old 5-1600, I decided to change my user name. A quick bio: Member and VP of CORE Founding member of CORDR (coordinators of Operation: Clean Desert clean-ups) My last race with the old...
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    wearing glasses

    I'm hoping you guys can help me out with a problem I'm having. I have to wear glasses in the race car. They fit nice and tight, but once I begin to sweat, they begin to slide down my face. It was never a problem in the 5-1600 because I had time to flip up the visor and fix them. But things are...
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    CBD push

    Just real quick, for those who have not visited the "Save the Desert" threads here lately, please go to the CBD push thread, read the letter posted from Paige, and send out some e-mails. It only takes a minute to do, and our voices need to be heard on this issue! Thanks to Paige and Martin for...
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    Manx Buggy Club

    Just wondering if any other RDC readers are members of the Meyers Manx Buggy Club, and if so, are you going to the Big Bear Bash next weekend (July 13-15)? If you own a fiberglass buggy, any manufacturer is allowed, you might want to check it out next weekend. This is usually their biggest...
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    Yokie tires

    I flatted 3 yokohama's at the last MDR race. Two were from nails. I didn't go but maybe a few miles on them, and they stayed on the rim. Is it safe to put new tubes in these tires and run them again as spares, or am I asking for trouble. Didn't know if the side walls damaged easily, as the tires...
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    King Kong fingers

    Was wondering if anybody out there has ever changed from the standard SAW torsion fingers on their 5-1600 to the King Kong fingers? We have been breaking the standard ones, as the last finger only lasted 210 miles, and could have cost us a run at the class championship. It looks like I have to...