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    Appeal Landers Solar farm

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    Need Help with Tires for Parker

    A Big Thank you to Lee Banning for helping us out with the General Tires. Ron will be in touch.
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    My Parker 425 #@ PICTURES@#

    how about #1089, thanks.
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    Need Help with Tires for Parker

    General Tires has a nationwide shortage on Red Label 33-1050/15 tires. Looking to see if anyone has a few laying around that maybe interested in selling them or working a deal with us until our order gets fulfilled from GT in the next two weeks. Any amount of tires would be appreicated. Please...
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    Insurance when not racing

    Check with Progressive insurance. I had policy with them back when we raced TL.
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    looking for Stainless Steel Fabricator for a project

    Im looking for a shop that does stainless steel fabrication. I am in need of a few Pedestals to be custom made and i would like to give the work to a company that is in the offroad industry. my email is if you intersted and want more information.
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    Why are so many Trophy Lites for sale?

    Being a past owner of a Trophylite, I have nothing but good things to say about the series, the trucks and the people who run and own Trophylite.
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    Solutions for class 10

    Finally someone who makes sense!
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    The Future of FAIR

    Kevin, I will also be returning next season to the MORE series and I will put effort into assisting FAIR once again, as it was a great group of guys to pit with. I will not make the next meeting, but I will check in with some of the attendees to get the latest news.
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    Anyone interested in a medical chase team for B1K?

    I carry a medic bag down south every trip, which contains "D" size oxygen bottle w/ regulator. As for medication, I only carry what is legally purchased over the counter. I do carry a few IV bags (500ml) and all trauma ointments. The bag has only been searched once at federally check point...
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    Who's racing the BWDC in Parker?

    Your not racing your Trophylite?
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    SCORE Aproved 2.4L Acura for Class 10??

    You have a good point but what about all the VW teams who have the disadvantage to the Eco-Tec motor now? Did the Eco-tec revive the class, probably yes, but why stop there.
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    SCORE Aproved 2.4L Acura for Class 10??

    I know of a new class 10 team, coming to play next year and we have no problem racing against the Honda motors if and when they get approved. Class 10 allowed the Ecotec so why not the Honda?
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    No class 10 champion for San Felipe 250?

    Does that mean he put the honda motor in?
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    Co-Rider Needed for Sunday at Laughlin!

    Looks that way as long as no one out bids, PM sent
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    Lothringer Contact

    PM sent
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    Trophylite roll call 2012

    PM sent
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    Pistol Pete Baja 1000

    great pre-run report. Good luck #2