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  1. Fiorino Motorsports

    Need Help with Tires for Parker

    General Tires has a nationwide shortage on Red Label 33-1050/15 tires. Looking to see if anyone has a few laying around that maybe interested in selling them or working a deal with us until our order gets fulfilled from GT in the next two weeks. Any amount of tires would be appreicated. Please...
  2. Fiorino Motorsports

    looking for Stainless Steel Fabricator for a project

    Im looking for a shop that does stainless steel fabrication. I am in need of a few Pedestals to be custom made and i would like to give the work to a company that is in the offroad industry. my email is if you intersted and want more information.
  3. Fiorino Motorsports

    Parker 425 Lost & Found

    Did anyone find a KMC Bead lock Rim with a General AT2 tire? The Ratchet broke when we where nerfed and tire popped out somewhere past Midway. The tire should have had 6088 marked on it.
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    Hello My name is Eric Fiorino, I'm new to this site and I hope to meet new contacts to furthure my racing teams knowledge.