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    Screwing around in the Socal hills.

    Yes, the truck needs a cage and yes ** ¡Ay, caramba!**** ¡Ay, caramba!**** ¡Ay, caramba!**** ¡Ay, caramba!** can happen. I have been strapped into dozens of race cars over the last 20 years and have a bit more experience sliding around trails than the average SoCal bro haha although sometimes I...
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    Mcgaughys long travel

    Yes, we sold them a gen. 1 kit a few years ago and they deliberately knocked of our parts and then put them up on the RDC classifieds. Thankfully they made it more of a blingy/cheap style part so the parts are easy to distinguish from ours. Since then we have changed all of our parts and added...
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    Silverado shackle hangers

    We offer a shackle hanger kit that works really well on the 99-06' and 07-12' Chevy trucks. The factory stuff is weak and is not designed to work with long travel leaf springs. Our shackle is +2" taller and is constructed with 3/16" boxed plate and pivots on machined delrin bushings. Our hanger...
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    ****Pretty Welds....****

    Hey Tyler, I remember Jason letting me try out that spray arc, which parts are you guys using it on?
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    Where to source fab parts?
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    ****Pretty Welds....****

    stainless on the first post and 70s2 on the second.
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    ****Pretty Welds....****

    another project...
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    ****Pretty Welds....****

    beat it with the "internet welding", back to the pics!:D
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    Tube Notch equipment recommendations

    I use a vertical bandsaw and a belt sander. Tube notcher when Im lazy.
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    2011 GMC Prerunner for Devlin Rod & Customs

    Looks immaculate guys. I absolutely love seeing our parts go to people who know what to do with them. Thankyou, lets get another one rolling!
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    Stenger Built Truggy!!!

    Two completely different levels of fabrication here. Its looking really nice.
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    2011 GMC Prerunner for Devlin Rod & Customs

    Right on its gonna be nice!
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    ****Pretty Welds....****

    Tyler whats going on! That housing stuff looks good, you guys use stainless over 70s2 right? Hey Flynn long time no see, you still at Solo? Migs are awesome as usual.
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    I had a feeling that hoop was going to appear. Looks nice Matt!
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    Welding Fume Extraction

    So how much CFM is adequate for the Nederman setup?
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    Welding Fume Extraction

    That portable might have to go in the back of my truck next time Im there! I like the idea of filtration and not exhausting the air, Im just a little skeptical after hearing allot of mixed responses about them and they are pricy.
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    Welding Fume Extraction

    What table are you looking at Woody? That is a really good idea... I might want to do this with my current table.
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    Welding Fume Extraction

    What table are you looking at Woody? That is a really good idea... I might want to do this with my current table.
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    Welding Fume Extraction

    Recently I have been doing some research on how toxic welding fumes are and to be honest I did not realize what I have been inhaling for the last 7 years. I can actually correlate some of the major short term illness' from when I was putting in long hours under the hood for days on end. In...
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    Fab Unlimited 2008 Chevy Prerunner

    BUUUMP for Fab-Unlimited. Very Professional, Thankyou!