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    Welding Fume Extraction

    Recently I have been doing some research on how toxic welding fumes are and to be honest I did not realize what I have been inhaling for the last 7 years. I can actually correlate some of the major short term illness' from when I was putting in long hours under the hood for days on end. In...
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    Honda 450 Stolen!

    My friends bike was stolen out of his backyard the other night in Redlands Ca. Thankyou if you can help. Contact 909 522-6235
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    So Interesting

    I am so intrigued by the statistics of what is searched on google, it will blow your mind! Here are two:
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    05' Silverado Build

    Here is a truck that just came out of the shop for the Mendoza Brothers. It has big plans for the future including a Cab Cage, 4 link, Rear Axle Upgrade, Fuel cell, etc... For now it will get painted and used as is. Updates will be posted as soon as the truck gets more work done. Thanks for...
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    4500 lb truck , 500 hp , turbo 400 , 37" tire, Race only. What thirdmember and axles are going to last? How often to prep?
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    Missing Hellas???

    If you own a Ford superduty and got your Hella lights stolen in the knotts berry farm parking lot, I know who has them PM me for details.
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    Kid Is Crazy, Someone Is Pissed

    So I know this kid that used to help out @ a fab shop (I.E. SWEEP FLOORS) and somehow he thought that he was owed some free plates for a A-arm kit that they sell. So he takes the slolen plates to the place where they got cut at and orders 5 sets, supossedly changing them a little. He has never...
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    PIC Request: Bottomed out Suspension

    Rear Of Trucks, Any class
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    Need help contacting?

    Rusty's Race Car & Truck Prototype Bodies
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    RG Toyota TT?

    What motor was in it? What truck is that today?
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    05' silverado steering options??...

    Alright, Im building a truck (05' chevy 1500) that will be using the stock pivots for front suspension and running 37'' tires, and I know that the stock steering rack will not live long. I will have plenty of room because the motor will be moved back, but the tie rod pivot spread will be big so...
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    How many in car race fatalities?

    I was just curious if anyone knew?...
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    Hi, Im Chris M.

    Tired of lurking. Some know me as the guy that over thinks every move I make but, I just make an educated risk. Love to be part of the dezert-family. ;)