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  1. KyleMurray

    News Justin Lofton Qualifies First For BITD Laughlin Desert Challenge

    Is there anyway to watch this live?
  2. KyleMurray

    RECORD Ensenada - San Felipe 250 this weekend

    American Rentals Motorsports is racing in our new to us 6100
  3. KyleMurray

    Rage at the River

    Thanks for clearing that up Kenny. I am by no means trying to bash SNORE as this is my favorite race of the year and it went so smooth compared to last year. We were abiding by the speedzones just to be safe but saw many other racers at full speed in qualifying and in the heats. Looking forward...
  4. KyleMurray

    Rage at the River

    I have to ask, what was up with the speed zones at the finish line during qualifying and on race days that weren't being enforced? When I asked a SNORE official if there was a speed limit, he said "I have no idea what is happening, but better safe than sorry".
  5. KyleMurray

    @@ PHOTOS @@ From Rage at the River.

    Do you have anything of #109? Thanks and great photos!
  6. KyleMurray

    Trucks and Buggies who is racing Gila Bend GP Nov 4-5, 205

    how many bikes are typically entered?
  7. KyleMurray

    V2R Live Feed

    Cody has been stopped for a bit.. anyone know whats going on with the new car?
  8. KyleMurray

    Spring Pack Sources

    Cant wait to see this car back in action!
  9. KyleMurray

    Rage at the River Photos...

    Great pictures! Did you get anything of #109? Thanks!
  10. KyleMurray

    Coverage - BITD PAHRUMP NUGGET “250”

    spoke too soon, i show berri at 0mph
  11. KyleMurray

    Snore Rage At The River

    This has been on of my favorite races, never got to race it in a swinger though! Good luck to all!
  12. KyleMurray

    2016 Parker 425

    any updates on Tuls in the brand new truck?
  13. KyleMurray

    Gilbert Racing #1562 Season recap feature video

    great video, i was wondering what happened to them off the start at BWDC
  14. KyleMurray

    My 2015 BWDC Photos From Riverside Dr.

    Thanks! Great photos!
  15. KyleMurray


    Thanks for including our pit in the background! Goodluck on the sale!
  16. KyleMurray

    My 2015 BWDC Photos From Riverside Dr.

    did you happen to get any of 1502? Would have only been in the morning pre run heat since our race heat didn't go very well and we didntt make it that far on course.
  17. KyleMurray

    2015 BITD BlueWater Desert Challenge

    Well, here is our very short race. On day one ran the pre-run race and the car was working great. During our race heat, we made it to race mile 2 before the idler pulley mount bent and cracked causing us to throw belts. We got that fixed up and ran the pre-run race Sunday morning with car a that...
  18. KyleMurray

    Thank you SNORE

    Thank you SNORE for everything that you do for us!
  19. KyleMurray

    Tried and True Satellite Devices..?

    This looks to be a great system. How does is operate? the screenshots on the website show it using the earthmate app, can it be used on a smartphone? Thanks!