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  1. KyleMurray

    Tried and True Satellite Devices..?

    I have seen many different options out there for tracking of your race vehicle as well as texting and calling on the sat phones or other sat devices.. And after reading the "Text Anywhere" thread, it had me wondering, what is the best satellite device out there for what we are trying to do in...
  2. KyleMurray

    Norman chase crews

    Does anyone have any contact info for the Norman chase crews, specifically chase 2? I believe they responded to the hwy 5 accident at km 110
  3. KyleMurray

    GoPro SD card Corrupt?

    I have a gopro SD card full of my winning heat at BAP on sunday and I tired to upload it to my computer but it keeps popping up with aa error message saying my computer cannot read it, the file may be corrupt, damaged etc... anyone know how to retrieve the data? the memory card is full so I...
  4. KyleMurray

    Mainstream love for Parker

    This is off the front page of yahoo
  5. KyleMurray

    Battle at primm 2013

    I know Parker drew all the unlimited entries, but where are all the unlimited entries at for BAP? Are they going wait and see if their cars/trucks make it all the way? Or is BAP losing its rep..?
  6. KyleMurray

    Custom helmet visor decals

    I'm trying to find a place that will make custom visor decals, where can I get these made at?
  7. KyleMurray

    "Legalize Nerfing" shirts

    We saw some attendees at the recent HDRA race wearing some "Legalize Nerfing" shirts... anyone know where can I get these?
  8. KyleMurray

    Post Fireworks 500

    Just wanted to give a shout out to The Norman Family, Robert, HDRA and Wide Open crew, and all the volunteers for orchestrating this tremendous race/venue. Next year this race and series will be unbelievable! The course was a true test of machine and drivers and for my first class 1 driving...
  9. KyleMurray

    HDRA El Dorado Fireworks 500 Picks

    With less than a week until the green flag drops and a good looking field, who do you think will take the class wins?
  10. KyleMurray

    Sticker Software

    Just curious what PC software for making stickers is being used out there that is simple and reliable. We are currently using CoralDraw 12 and is a long grueling process.
  11. KyleMurray

    New to Class 9!!

    Congrats to Jeff Johnsen for his purchase of my old 2 seat Jimco!! He is new to offroad racing and class 9 so give him some help! He is real amped and ready to race! Welcome to the class 9 familia! Goodluck Jeff and congrats!
  12. KyleMurray

    Battle at Primm Picks!

    Looks like a lot of great racing in all classes.. Let's see your class winner picks!
  13. KyleMurray

    Bap starting order

    Class 9: (21) 1 #922 Jacob Davidson 2 #992 Giti Gowland 3 #998 Kyle Murray 4 #928 Kyle Vizzo 5 #954 Steve Johnson 6 #906 Conner Sprawls 7 #997 Dan Lutz 8 #931 Dean Rohan 9 #988 Paul Robinson 10#916 Randy Ward 11 #923 Brian Caudill 12 #904 Tyler Petersen 13 #969 Steve Vega 14...
  14. KyleMurray

    Bap starting order

    Qualifying Order For: Class 1: (17) Unlimited Truck: (5) 1 #155 Joseph David 2 #1.. Kevin Thompson 3 #101 Pat Dean 4 #116 Josh Daniels 5 #199 Clayon Scudder 6 #154 Jim Tcker 7 #56 Jeff Seiert 8 #157 RichardBoyle 9 #1 Todd Wylli 10 #122 Johny Greaves 11 #152 Sean Mecham 12...
  15. KyleMurray


    With the payback being offered how many swingers are going to make it out?
  16. KyleMurray

    Redline at Stateline Dyke Jump

    I know this may be a little early but did anyone get any good footage of any cars/trucks hitting the dyke?
  17. KyleMurray

    American Rentals Motorsports at HDRA

    First off, hats off to Roger Norman and the HDRA crew for an outstanding event and a first class operation. Huge congrats to Tony Murray 109 for a 2nd overall with only 3 gears after saturdays heat! Also to my little brother Ryan Murray 998 who got in the 9 car for the first time and learned to...
  18. KyleMurray

    BAP Buffalo Bills infield crash

    Did anyone get any pictures or video of my endo entering the buffalo bills infield on sunday? Red two seat jimco class 9 #998. thanks!
  19. KyleMurray

    Holiday 200 In Car of 998

    here is the first lap and 1/2 of lap two on the small loop. enjoy! (sorry jorge!)
  20. KyleMurray

    Would appreciate your help

    I am writing a paper about the california 200 accident and need to present visual evidence of those who love the sport of off road racing. i would appreciate it if some of the familia could either post of pic or video of them saying/showing that they love off road racing. thanks Kyle Murray