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  1. goofballracer

    12v programmable switch panel with Bluetooth

    I just stumbled across this really cool switch panel that will make installing anything a simple task, it also has an app that will allow you to turn lights or what ever is hooked up via bluetooth connection. I might not use the Bluetooth all that much but I think it is a rad high tech option...
  2. goofballracer

    Baja Designs Clear View, Multi- Form Oprics

    Here is the latest from Baja Designs "Baja Designs Mad Scientist brings the Lab to Las Vegas to explain the science behind properly mounting and aiming lights in ClearView™ Lessons in Lighting. Scientists of Lighting Alan Roach and Tex Mitchell partner with Ricky Johnson and Menzies...
  3. goofballracer

    Baja Designs new light ???

    Check it out here to see if you can figure it out. If you already know please keep it hush hush. We will be introducing it at the sand sports show.
  4. goofballracer

    Lost at the snore more race

    I lost a 37" krt on the road coming into pits if anyone picked it up please let me know
  5. goofballracer

    Chevy 350 swap in a yota prerunner

    Bad or good idea?
  6. goofballracer

    2002 Tacoma motor and trans problems please help

    2nd trip out and motor is back firing during deceleration any ideas or possible solutions? 2nd problem the trans won't shift out of 1st gear it's got park reverse neutral and drive but drive is only on gear and revved out at 30/40 mph
  7. goofballracer

    Where to buy relays and wires

    This may have been covered already where is the best place ?
  8. goofballracer

    Pctures from dp9 premiers

    Let's see thEm
  9. goofballracer

    Testing spots or areas for ohv in southern az?

    Moving to az soon anyone know of any areas in southern az for ohv?
  10. goofballracer

    Where to start a tube chassis?

    Hey guys I'm going to start a tube chassis very soon and wanted to know where you would start. I know the bottom but should I make level saw horses or what would you do in the process of starting from scratch ? Thanks guys
  11. goofballracer

    2004 f-350 6.0 engine whining when towing?

    Is this normal? It sounds like maybe the turbo is spooling up sounds Pretty weird tho What you guys think? Thank you
  12. goofballracer

    DP8 k-1 speed photos

    just a few pics
  13. goofballracer

    how hard is it to fix reverse gear on a stock vw transmission?

    any info on vw trannys wondering how hard it would be and what it might entail. im calling weddle on monday to try and get the gear. any help?
  14. goofballracer

    rod and main bearings chevy 4.3?

    how hard of a process would it be to change them out im getting some rod knock? i have a stock 4.3 i was looking at summit and there is a couple different sizes i think i need the standard size? any help or hints?
  15. goofballracer

    i need nitrogen any ideas?

    i know its been asked hundreds of times but i need to charge my shocks what is the best cheapest option?
  16. goofballracer

    please help spring rate a-arm baja bug

    i think my spring rate is a lil stiff in the front. any opinions its a 10 " shock and the car in the front isnt super heavy. here is a pic i know just by looking you wont be able to tell but any advice will help a ton
  17. goofballracer

    vw bug inner rear trailing arm theads stripped

    hey everybody i have a bit of a problem i stripped the threads out of the inner pivot bolts on trans horns and no im screwed any ideas on how i could fix my present situation? thanks ahead of time
  18. goofballracer


    does anyone know if its raining in the desert?i want to go but not sure yet 60% chance of thunderstorms tomorrow
  19. goofballracer

    Lighted whip in ow? Illegal?

    Is it illegal to not have a lighted whip in ocatillo now? Ive heard both side of this just seeing if anyone knows for sure
  20. goofballracer

    ocotillo for new years? anyone? im doing are you?

    whos in for a for the desert for new years?