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    Rip james "hollywood" saasta

    He was always the guy I was trying to beat when I first started racing SuperLites in the FRT desert races and short course races. An amazing family that truly exemplifies what desert racing is all about. He was a great competitor, but an even greater person. Rest In Peace James
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    Scorelite Official results are up

    It just sucks that this is how Cheater is adding to his Class 12 win tally.
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    Why should you be able to race a TT even if you have one!

    Awesome questions Kent, most entertaining RDC post in a while...
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    1600 showdown in May

    Just make sure your brother doesn't drive, he's a little hard on equipment.
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    Pig Flu, The Baja 500 And You?

    It is amazing the world we live in today where the will of so few can be forced onto so many supposedly straight forward thinking people. Whether you like it or not 36,000 people will die this year in the US from the REGULAR influenza virus this year. Guess what? It happened last year too. Swine...
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    TROPHYLITE Jumps Into the Future with Foutz Motorsports

    TROPHYLITE jumps into the future with Foutz Motorsports Chandler, AZ (April 24,2009) Today marks the beginning of the next generation for TROPHYLITE. Foutz Motorsports Incorporated, led by respected off-road team owner Greg Foutz, has acquired an ownership interest in TROPHYLITE. After two...
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    Queen of the Assassins needs prayer and support

    PAB does have the gift of doing play-by-play. Good to hear she's doing better
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    Support Malcom Smith!

    Badass In On Any Sunday...Badass Now
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    Montana plane crash

    It appears that half of the deceased were small children. Feldkamps shared partnership in that plane I believe two other individuals I believe, regardless it sad to see the loss of life. Hopefully something meaningful can come from the investigation and contribute to the safety of the...
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    Thanks for the B-Day wishes

    Thanks for the B-Day wishes
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    Thanks for the B-Day Wishes. Have a great St Pattys day.

    Thanks for the B-Day Wishes. Have a great St Pattys day.
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    Thank you very much for the B-Day wishes. Have a great St Pattys Day

    Thank you very much for the B-Day wishes. Have a great St Pattys Day
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    Vote for Mrs. Mint 400

    "Somebody" uploaded of pic of you Deano, and now you're in the lead...
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    1,600 Letters Against Vegas to Reno

    10 letters sent..
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    What are you guys doing for valentines day?

    Doing Valentines Day on the 13th and then going to the East County Superbowl/San Diego SX (Copyright JrSyko)...... Should be a fun weekend.
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    Good 12 car?

    4x SCORE Championship winning Jimco 2 seater Class 12 Car For Sale Single Seater Prill-Built w/ Sequential Class 12 also For Sale Both prepped and ready to Race 760-352-7776
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    Congrats to Chris Taylor

    I think Woody has the all time record for the amount of Laughlin Leap wins
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    Who's GOing to the Plaster city Race This Saturday????

    Until Andy gets lost because I hired both of his co-riders for my team.
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    Lake Tahoe Recomendations

    Have a cabin with the gf and some other friends Dec 26-Jan 1 in Angora Highlands/South Lake Tahoe area. Anyone know where the action is to celebrate New Years? I would assume around the hotel/casino area?
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    Imperial Valley Phone/Email/Data Out

    Sounds like lightning struck a major data line going to Imperial Valley and now all email/phone/data systems are down valley-wide. This is TROPHYLITE's headquarters and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.