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    BITD 6100 rules for 2020....

    A good thing or a bad thing?
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    1st lap footage from BWDC in the Coan Racing Jeepspeed

    The Coan Family was gracious enough to give me the opportunity to wheel their Jeep this last weekend in the Jeepspeed class at the BITD race Fun agressive and intense racing... ended up 1st both days and took home the class win! Thanks again to the Coans, Clive Skilton and Jeepspeed for...
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    Anyone know..... (part id)

    Got the old Mears J-10/ T&J 3700 truck at my shop prepping for Norra and need to know what brand these rear hubs are.... Summers? Lamb? Something else Need the hub nuts, RH and LH thread... right one has n-11 stamped on it. Any ideas?
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    Contact info/email for Propits from Fireworks race?

    Tried calling the two numbers listed on the paper work from Propits with no answer and no callback from either. I need to make sure my spares werent left in the desert at the HDRA race in Reno. Or if anybody in the Reno area can grab em from them and I can pick up a V2R.
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    Lang Racing in-car from Lucas Regional #2

    Here is Steve in the lite buggy battling for another 1st in class!
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    Pumper Options.....

    Got a "new" car in the stable and on the Parker prerun the noise from the pumpers was OUTRAGEOUS.... any quieter options out there for us? It is the BDR baja blower I believe.... What else besides the parker pumper, and PCI race air is out there?
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    16th or 18th scale rtr's?

    Total RC newbie.... got a big patch of dirt, aka the backyard that would be an awesome mini rc track. Any must haves out there, or anything I should stay away from?
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    Any OBD-1 Ford EEC-IV guru's out there?

    Got a persistent code popping up on my 1992 4-banger. Code 224, which in my absolutely useless Haynes manual says, erratic ignition diagnostic monitor (IDM) input to processor. After scouring some other forums for info I was able to guess that maybe I had a ground issue with the IDM to the...
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    ranger transmission fluid????

    Looking for some input as to what you RDC'ers run for fluid in your ranger M-5 transmissions......... Mercon, Mercon V, motoroil w/ friction modifier, combo of motor oil and ATF...... or some super top secret stuff I havent heard of yet. Have a DD '92 4 banger with a 5 spd that is just a...
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    c-4 transmission bellhousing q's

    My old man had a 73 pinto wagon(sexy!!) and is ready to send 'er to the scrapyard. My question is, is the bellhousing that is behind the c-4 in it worth my time to salvage out of the car? It is my understanding that the early 2.0's dont share the same bolt pattern as the later 2.3's. Is this the...
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    More MTB questions.....

    What are your guys opinions on the best XC hardtail in the 600-700 dollar range? My old bike is super clapped out and just isn't cutting it. Fork is toast, cranks are ruined, derailleur is tired, rear hub is half-stripped, and on and on...... Looking at bikes like the Giant XTC2, Trek 6000 disc...
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    TSCO ad in the strangest place......

    On and see an ad for TSCO on the page..... random to say the least!!!!!
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    everybody loves doughnuts!!!!

    My friend Bennie B... he likes the doughnuts...... MySpaceTV Videos: rhino doughnuts by LOVE ME OR LEAVE ME
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    Powder Puff Pics.....

    Here are some low quality pics from today.... good job to all the ladies out there you were kicking some arse!!!!!!!
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    Indoor soccer league....

    Any fellow RDC'ers in the Upland/rancho areas intersted in playing some inddor soccer for a co-ed league on Sun afternooons? we are short some guys and need a few guys....... Pm me or email me - - - if you are interested
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    More old dusty times and advertiser scans

    Here is a few more old scans for all ya........ My favorite is the article on the mint 400 board game from the March 1985 dusty times, check out John from CHiPS and Ivan playing the game!!!! awesome, I have that board game somewhere I gotta find that thing!!!!! Also here are a dew...
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    85 & 86 great mojave 250 program scans

    Found a few old race programs and scanned a few pages from the 1st and 2nd annual SCORE/HDRA Great Mojave 250 in Lucerne.... gotta love the 100+ mile loops!! ........1985....... .......1986..........
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    Ball Joints....

    What are the good german ball joints to run, are they still Lemforders or another brand? Thanks.......
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    pics from KM78

    Here are a few pics before my camera died from KM78.......
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    Stolen: RUV's show cars....

    Stolen from Indianapolis early fri am..... 24' well cargo enclosed trailer with two fully custom UTV's...... 2005 polaris ranger with custom long travel suspension w/ fox racing shocks, custom cage, seats, paint, gauges etc.... 2005 yamaha rhino with 6" over hammertone powder coated arms with...