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    TROPHYLITE Jumps Into the Future with Foutz Motorsports

    TROPHYLITE jumps into the future with Foutz Motorsports Chandler, AZ (April 24,2009) Today marks the beginning of the next generation for TROPHYLITE. Foutz Motorsports Incorporated, led by respected off-road team owner Greg Foutz, has acquired an ownership interest in TROPHYLITE. After two...
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    Imperial Valley Phone/Email/Data Out

    Sounds like lightning struck a major data line going to Imperial Valley and now all email/phone/data systems are down valley-wide. This is TROPHYLITE's headquarters and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
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    Estero Beach RV Spots Available

    We have some extra Estero RV Spots starting 11/10 thru 11/13. $45 a night. PM me if you are interested.
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    Southpoint Rooms Available

    We have 5 Southpoint Rooms that are Available for Tonight and Tomorrow Night. If you haven't made reservations yet PLEASE contact Dana Mendoza at 760-352-3080. If after 5 PM, please contact me at 760-427-5000
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    Bay of LA to San Ignacio

    Seeing if anyone is doing the Bay of LA to San Ignacio section of the course on Friday or Saturday? My uncle is heading down there and is wondering if anyone else is doing that section
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    Red Bull US Grand Prix - Laguna Seca

    Anyone going to Laguna Seca this weekend? Always a fun event to go to. I'll be there Sunday for all of the races, but the whole weekend is a blast.
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    Terribles Town 250 Hotel Rooms

    SMD is running a few rooms short for the Terribles town 250 race. Please PM me or MSS if you have any extra rooms and we would be glad to take them off of your hands.
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    Metz Fest Anyone Going??????

    Anyone going to Metzfest Mini Bike Race on Saturday. Its @ Metzgers ranch in Menifee. Gates open around 10AM or something.
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    Robby Is Getting Canned...

    Rumors have it as early as this weekend.... Didn't do himself a whole lot of good by taking out not 1, but 2 Nextel Cup contenders in one fell swoop. And then flipping off the photographer after the race only added to it all. Bottom line is that he is gone from Childress and it looks like he is...
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    Ford Pulling Out of F1!!!!!!

    Its about time they did this... This can only mean good things for the off-road community because so many sponsor dollars were wasted on this fiasco!!!!!! Reuters LONDON -- Jaguar will pull out of Formula One at the end of 2004, with parent company Ford's engine maker Cosworth also up for...
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    Dakar's Best Are Coming Over

    Dakar\'s Best Are Coming Over Read towards the bottom of the article....This would be cool to finally get Europe's best and put them on our playing field. Rumor comes from weekly RacerX Racerhead. While visiting KTM’s headquarters in Mattighofen, Austria, last week for a Road Racer X story...
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    Baja 500 Bulletin/ Highway Sections

    ATTN: TECATE SCORE BAJA 500 COMPETITOR'S May 31, 2004 - 13:43:35 The Federal Highway Police will conduct radar and video surveillance on the highway sections. If you are clocked going over 60 mph, you will be ticketed and AUTOMATICALLY DISQUALIFIED. Passing is not permitted on the highway...
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    Mickey Thompson Case

    Been discussed before, but heres the latest.... LOS ANGELES -- Orange County prosecutors had no authority to charge a man with the slaying of racer-promoter Mickey Thompson and his wife outside their suburban Los Angeles County home, a state appeals court ruled Friday. An attorney for...
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    SMD 4 Seater Stolen!!!!!!!!!

    As of 6:00 AM the SMD Yellow 4 seater has been stolen. IF possible please alert anyone you know down in hte san felipe of tijuana area as we have an unconfirmed it is headed toward tijuana on a trailer.
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    And You Thought Mexico Is Bad....

    PARIS -- French secret agents foiled a bid by Islamic militants to kidnap contestants in the Paris-Dakar rally earlier this month as they raced across the Sahara desert state of Mali, the Defense Ministry said on Thursday. A spokesman said the DGSE foreign intelligence service had played a key...
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    San Diego Supercross Death

    Tragedy strikes at San Diego There was a rider fatality yesterday at the San Diego Supercross. Riverside, California's Jason Ciarletta suffered fatal injuries in a first-turn accident in the Saturday-afternoon qualifiers at Qualcomm Stadium. Ciarletta tangled with another rider, went over the...
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    Wasteland Warriors

    Does anybody have any new info on the Wasteland Warriors video Dana Nicholson is making. The trailer says Spring 2003 and the website hasn't changed in the last few months.
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    San Felipe 250 Drawings???

    Anybody have any news on the SF250 drawing held today?...
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    McGrath Retires

    Just starting to hear word that Mcgrath has retired...
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    Strait Edje Helmet PAINting

    Does anyone have the new phone # and/or new address for Strait Edje.