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    Official 2010 San Felipe Updates

    weatherman said 120 was moving again. but tracker shows them in the same place at 0mph any word on that?
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    Official 2010 San Felipe Updates

    rlury, ryan strong is co-dawgin for tony.
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    Official 2010 San Felipe Updates

    rlury, feelin your pain. this is rick in albuquerque
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    newbe 9

    hey it's Rick and i beg to differ. i dont believe L&B racing has a 9'er, i believe Ryno-racing has a 9'er:D:D:D
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    IRS torsion setup on swinger?

    sorry guys... nevermind the question, i just read Mohr's thread about wheels and springplates.
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    IRS torsion setup on swinger?

    hey guys, its Rick, Ryans partner in this. my question is, what spring plates do we use to make this happen. the normal IRS spring plates should be too short from torsion housing to the axle housing. if i am mistaken please let us know....thanks
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    shift linkage?

    thanx shred that would be cool. i think i have the basic idea, i just want to make sure it's right.
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    shift linkage?

    hi guys, a buddy and i just got a chenowth single seat 9 car. i've done some searching on RDC, and i'm needing help with shift linkage. do i just use straight tube with a few heims for support and u-joints or does anyone have a better idea. i"m used to 2 seater buggys, so the single seat...
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    New Dirt Debut Trailer

    damn..... why wasn't the chick fryin' bacon on the ballot for "miss mint 400":eek:!!!!
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    Dirt 2

    Is now the time to touch base with codemasters and give them our .02 instead of just talking about what we would like to see of DIRT 2 and just hoping for the best? Its pretty clear that the off road games out now are not really what the majority of us in the off road community were looking for...
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    hey kyle, you probably dont remember me but i'm Rick in albuquerque nm. i co-drive for Joe...

    hey kyle, you probably dont remember me but i'm Rick in albuquerque nm. i co-drive for Joe Barboa in the 8 truck. i saw ya on here and thought i would just say hi. hope all is well, tell your dad, Ray, Josh, and Randy hey and good luck with the 9 car this next year! PM me to say hi.....later, Rick
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    x-box 360 cables

    thank you very much for the reply and the link, you helped me out greatly.
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    No Baja patch

    sorry, i'm out of the loop!!! what was the patch meant to fix, other than the whole game??????
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    x-box 360 cables

    what is the difference between the HDAV cables that come with the 360 and the HDMI cable that cost $45-50 bucks, and do they make $50 dollars worth of difference on a samsung 1080p?
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    Baja game VEHICLES!!

    x2 so why is everyone so spun over the "big" cars TT's 1'ss 10'ss ect. is there no love for the beem cars? Rory the TT killer IS the "the end all be all" of the beems. oh well just my .02. everyone have fun!!!!!!!
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    Baja is out! Looking for first impressions

    NO ****.. i'd like to see these guys design a game, all the bitching is pathetic, its a f'n VIDEO GAME, its not going to be 100% realistic, and adapt to using a trigger, instead of the beloved Square button and stop the complaining.. the game is fun, and its a slap in the face to all the people...
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    89-95 4runners?

    hey ryno, i've got a 95 and i'm very happy with it. i did put a new 3.0 in it 2 years ago from a company called JAPAN ENGINES. it was NOT one of those "40,000 mi. jobs" coming out of japan, this was a new crete engine. paid $2,500.00 for the engine with a $300.00 core so $2,200 that also...
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    Finding DIRT friends/ your screen names?

    feelin your pain acid_rain!!! very rarely is anyone racing a CORR race. i'm an x-box guy but my user name is baja03 good luck with your search.
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    Steering Wheel for PS3?

    not trying to hijack thread but how about steering wheel opinions for the 360 as well!
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    PURE demo

    downloaded it last night. totally agree with <cody agee>, way funner than it originally looked on the you tube trailer.