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  1. PSI Outdoor

    Any advise?

    The motor is a 2.4lt ecotech. There are two stabilizing mounts in the rear. The 7/16" threads are mostly stripped. Planning on tapping to 1/2". Anyone see a problem or have any advice?
  2. PSI Outdoor

    Car Jack

    Great article on the Hernquist Class 5 build. Awesome car. Anyone know if you can buy the battery powered jack, off the shelf?
  3. PSI Outdoor

    CA Plates

    I'm purchasing a Class 5 car, from AZ. I would like to get it plated in CA. Could use some advice on how to make this happen. (edited) Just became aware that the car was registered ( lapsed 5/20 ) as an 2016 SPCON, DBUG. Q: If I can get AZ reg re-established; Can I run it in CA? This is mostly...
  4. PSI Outdoor

    Class 5

    Just bought my first Buggy. A Class 5U. So freaking excited right now. Take possession in a week. Lots of questions to ask.